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Pre-orders for $10,000 USD Golden PlayStation 5 Consoles Appear

There's been a lot of PS5 theme mock-ups and photos showing the new console in a myriad of different colors and styles across social media since the PS5's initial reveal. While seeing artists' take on themed PS5 consoles is nice to look at and imagine what owning one in said shade or pattern would look like, a real full-blown legitimate 24k Gold PlayStation 5 console has been announced. 

There's even multiple versions to choose from. Aside from 24k Gold, there's also an 18k Gold and Platinum models each with their own astronomical price tags. 

The Golden PS5's come from a collaboration between Truly Exquisite and Sony, you can check out the official collab page here.


The prices for these incredible golden new PlayStation consoles are as followed, announced in pounds. 

This translates in USD to: 

24k Gold Digital PS5: $10,417.22 
18k Rose Gold Digital PS5: $10,547.45 
Platinum Digital PS5: $10,677.68 

24k Gold Disc PS5: $10,547.45 
18k Rose Gold Disc PS5: $10,677.68 
Platinum Disc PS5: $10,807.91 

PS5 Controller: $845.20 
PS5 Headset: $519.62

Official pricing for regular PlayStation 5 consoles has not been officially released yet at the time of this writing, but many believe the information release for pricing and pre-orders is imminent. This information comes from several sources such as UK retailer, GAME, confirming the release to take place this week. 

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