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Return Of The Kazu

Hey everyone! Things went on an unintentional hiatus here for the last month after RA:N had kicked off once again, and I want to let everyone know I'll be returning to active posting soon!

This has been a pretty crazy year so far and has presented its own challenges for many, including me. I've been around in other corners of the net, sharing on social media and updating here and there on sites like Twitter. Presently I am most involved/visible among our community, Azure Infinitum, which has a lot going on right now. Azure has become an incredibly big undertaking as we work to build the best FFXIV community we can while securing its future as a larger entity and brand, and building the foundations to do so has taken time and effort.

I just want to say that I really appreciate everyone who's continued to stick by me over the years and check out all of my work across all the platforms and brands I am involved in. You've stuck by me through multiple crisis in life and scenarios that have taken me away for periods of time, but one thing remains- I'm still standing and working hard. 

A lot of what I do on a regular basis is time consuming, and balancing work and leading communities, along with home life, can be challenging, but its all worth it to me. 

The goal of RA:N ever since it was even just my personal blog as Run Around Kazu, has always been to inform and entertain while carrying you along my journey in life, and presenting what I call Visual Culture- something that touches and improves/adds to people's lives.

Whether I'm building or managing communities, working in the industry, promoting and building live events, sharing my passions, or sharing news, I will always remain dedicated to my efforts and arenas I'm involved in, and always remain grateful.

With all that being said, please look forward to my posts here on RA:N, your portal to visual culture, and my way of sharing awesome things with you.

If you noticed over on YouTube I've started my own solo podcast that was initially a test that I may continue. Azure Podcast had a new episode but took an immediate hiatus due to scheduling dilemmas and will return shortly.

As always I've got a ton of irons in the fire with a lot of content coming to fruition and visibility soon! 

Some upcoming plans of mine are to refresh my profile and life story that was on my About Page here, and touch up other areas of the site that are old- then its GO TIME in terms of releasing content here.

I love you all!

-Hikaru Kazushime

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