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Here's Why Re:ZERO Is Getting Delayed Until Summer

April was initially intended to be the release month for the highly anticipated second anime season of isekai titan, Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-. 

Over the last day there's been a lot of talk about why the anime's staff have chosen to delay it, and you can probably guess why. 
The staff has revealed that the production of the second season of the hit show has suffered difficulties thanks to the worldwide problems caused by the COVID-19 coronavirus. 


They went on to say that it was a "big effect" on the second season's overall production and that they have chosen to pick a completely new date and timeframe to begin airing the anime, with more plans to announce the channels it will air on, as well as what timeslots the anime will have. 

Its doubtful that the "big effect" on production couldn't have been upon the majority of the creation process- the COVID-19 coronavirus issues only sprung up pretty recently. 
Its assumed for now that the staff is referring to the finalizing of quality checks, last minute touch ups or additions to music or animation, planning with networks, merchandising, commercializing, talking with partners, and more. 


Some fans might be assuming that there couldn't have been that big of an effect being that the anime was slated to air next month, but we need to think about how much work goes into all the final processes of making a hit show and airing it. 
The last few months leading up to an anime's release are crucial, and these crucial steps now have more time afforded for them to be taken care of properly- unless things get worse and it gets delayed again. 


The staff has said they are now looking at a Summer 2020 release for the second season to finally air, which will make over four years since its first season started.

Konomi Suzuki will be back with a new opening theme, and nonoc will also return for the season's ending theme. Both Suzuki and nonoc's CD singles of the opening and ending themes were scheduled to release in May, but have now been delayed as well to Fall.

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