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Dancing Freeza Clones Cheer Runners At Japanese Marathon

It was time again for the Hakone Ekiden marathon which took place on January 1st through 3rd which had participants running from Otemachi to Hakone in Japan. 

This televised race usually brings in groups who want to stand on the sidelines and cheer the runners on. 

Japanese commenters stated they were impressed that the dancers would travel all the way there in costume and continue to cheer on the runners each year- apparently they do this in some form yearly?!

Aside from regular citizens giving their shouts of encouragement and good wishes, a dancing band of costumed men dressed up like Freeza from the Dragon Ball series was seen dancing to "Paprika", a Japanese children's song. 

You'll also see in the tweets that the group were dancing the can-can, and that a Majin Buu and someone wearing a special take on Freeza's costume also joined in. 

Now, if we could just get some cheering cosplayers during marathons here in the west!

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