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Community News Roundup 1.2020

Our growing community and gaming clan, Azure Infinitum, recently held its monthly Azure Grand Assembly LIVE stream and in-game event on Sunday at its home base in Final Fantasy XIV. 

This was the first assembly to kick off the year and had a lot to announce. 

Here is the official news roundup from the assembly of what was announced and talked about as well as some recent Azure news all listed below: 

Azure Infinitum FFXIV Events 

Monstrous Mondays will be hosting weekly Hades Ex groups for learning and potential clears every Monday w/grouping beginning at 7:30p ET/4:30p PT On occasion that those showing up have clears or when attendance varies the event may pull a wild card and run mount farms or other trials for those in attendance based on the decision of the host. 

Tuesday's Eureka 2nd Invasion event has become an official weekly event hosted by Lt. Shalindra Quartztail and supporting ranks. 

Eureka 2nd Invasion's event date and time (Every Tuesday beginning around 10:00p ET/7:00p PT) will not be effected by the return of Azure Eden Tuesdays in February when FFXIV Patch 5.2 Launches. 

Treasure Thursdays will now host a morning and an afternoon/early evening event, with the mornings grouping at 9a ET/6a PT with Lt.s Saiori and Kita Fukurokuju, and the afternoon evening run that begins grouping at 6:30p ET/3:30p PT will continue to be supported by Captains and higher ranks supporting. 

Friday Morning Classics has now run over one full month and has been running classic raid clears and classic savage mount farms for many members every Friday morning at 11:30a ET/8:30a PT. Check with Scout Pennadrin via in-game or on our discord to find out what each week holds as raids will vary per week. 

24-Man Fridays: The Copied Factory will continue until the last Friday before Patch 5.2. It is assumed that this will be Friday, February 7th or 14th. 

It will now be officially presented and requested at the start of each 24-Man Fridays events that all parties hold their Limit Breaks until an event host makes an official call for them to be used, except in the situation that a party is taking heavy losses and a healer uses the Limit Break. 

Azure 24-Man Fridays participants on our discord server will be permitted to join individual channels for Party A, B, and C to communicate effectively during the Hobbes boss fight in The Copied Factory. 

We ask that everyone regroups for continued team communication following Hobbes defeat. 

Event Feedback or Discussion is welcomed post-event as well as in the form of a direct message to FC Lts or higher. 

Azure's Spring 2020 Room Decor Contest was announced to take place, and will take place around April. This contest will include decorating FC Private Chambers that will be judged and submitted for a community-wide voting period. Throughout the entry period of the contest, any member can request the 300,000 gil from a leader to purchase a private chambers of their own via our Free Room Campaign.
Full details are TBA.

Azure's event roadmap was discussed toward the end of the assembly, and comfirmed all yearly and quarterly Azure Infinitum events, as well as certain event changes, all organized via quarter (3 month periods) and will continue to match things like some event content with FFXIV's Patch seasons/schedule.


Monday will now feature Gathering and Crafting exp buffs. The previous buffs were a battle exp buff and one that supported stats of low level characters. This decision was made considering that Azure currently had 3 days a week that had battle exp, and only 1 day for gathering exp, and only 1 day for crafting exp. 

Tuesday will now feature a food buff in replacement of the previous perception buff. This decision was made because the perception buff only increases perception by 10, and that the food buff is beneficial to all disciples/classes. Tuesday buffs will now be Gathering exp and Food. 

Wednesday will now feature a food buff in replacement of the previous control buff. This decision was made because the control buff only increases control by 10, and that the food buff is beneficial to all disciples/classes. Wednesday buffs will now be Crafting exp and Food. 

The buff changes announced above began this week following Sunday's meeting. The Azure Council hopes that these small changes will have big effects in inspiring more industry within our great community, and hopefully assist with them as well, while also supporting exp for all classes via 2 days of food buffs. 

FFXIV Patch 5.2 Azure Plans 

Azure Eden Tuesdays returns in Patch 5.2 which launches mid-February. Its safe to assume it'll either be February 11th or 18th. The event will be running Eden's 5th through 8th raid every week one time through for weekly clears, the weekly drop, and potential gear. This event will group weekly at 7:30p ET/4:30p PT. 

Eden Loot Finsher returns when Patch 5.2 launches in mid-February. This event will focus on being our second weekly run to gain loot for folks who're available on Sunday and those who may not have gotten a piece at our Azure Eden Tuesdays event or throughout the server-week so far for one more chance. This event's time is TBA but will begin the Sunday following Patch 5.2's launch. 

How the "Resistance Weapons" are obtained will be analyzed and debated for future Azure Relic Events. If its something that could be viable for weekly group progression, it could be considered. 


The slowdown to our bot channel has been reduced to 1 minute. 

New sections for Azure Social Media have been made. Some feature webhooks created with applets. 

A D&D channel has been created due to high request. Information for online D&D sessions and D&D-related discussion can be found there. 


It was announced that Azure Starlight Day 2020 was our biggest one yet. Thank you to everyone who attended and/or supported. 

Stefan Vonwest was promoted to Lieutenant and has taken a seat on the Azure Council. Stefan recently served as a Scout Captain since September, a Scout before that, and has been a supportive and active member of the community for 2 years. Stefan strives to be a continuing voice and source of support amid our weekly events and within the community. 

"Azure Network", the name for the project to launch a new Azure portal website will now include a second site attached to the new main one that will be a community website. 

The new community website will feature a miniature social network where members can make profiles and follow each other, post blogs, add characters they play from many games onto the roster, and have ways to share their streams and content automatically. 

The new community website will feature new forums, news posts, an Azure Wiki and FAQ section, will be mobile friendly, will use responsive coding to format to many devices, can be saved to home screens and work similar to an application, can be logged into via Discord, Facebook, or with a Guildtag profile, and more features to come. 

The new community website will have certain forum threads linked to the Azure Discord via Webhooks, allowing simultaneous posting. 

The new portal site will feature some content from the community site, and will have pages about our individual events w/full descriptions, a new event calendar that will utilize Google Calendar, will have pages with information on each Azure Branch as well as lists of what our members submit that they play. 

Branch pages will have information on Official Play-Sessions as well as links to our community site where members can post their own events or connect to play together. 

The new portal site will feature a brand-new Azure News system that will show thumbnails for recent news, articles about the community, member submitted content, Azure lore, event announcements, patch details and special game announcements, and galleries. 

The new portal site will feature sections that display posts from Azure's Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook feeds. 

The new portal site will feature sections that display affiliates of Run Around:Network, as well as some RA:N content which supports us all. 

More details about the Azure Network project will be revealed at February's Azure Grand Assembly which is currently TBA. 

Azure Network is set to launch as the two new sites in late February. 

The next Azure Day Weekend event that celebrates our Azure Infinitum community in FFXIV has been pushed forward to early March, compared to its usual late February date. 

There are plans to launch a new Azure Branch with the launch of the Azure Network project. The content the new Branch will be related to is currently a mystery.

Azure Podcast will be returning in the new future.

Azure Infinitum Monster Hunter World Branch 

Our Azure MHW PS4 Branch and Squad's "Hunt-A-Thon" event was postponed for Monday, January 20th. 

There's a number of people playing MHW in Azure Infinitum and we want to make sure you're in our in-game Squad if you want to be! Please message Saiori Fukurokuju or Reika Fujishima for an invite. 

Azure is looking to continue promoting the MHW PS4 Branch for higher activity. 


A reminder that patience and support for our event hosts and leaders is requested by our members during events. We have many new promotions that are fresh to their duties and filling big positions as they grow into them. 

A reminder of patience for each other, you never know what's going on in real life at someone's location or how much they're handling on their screens. Keep in mind that when asking for something in the FC chat in-game in FFXIV, people may be busy or not see your request. 

A reminder that you can contact leaders anytime to get something accomplished, be vocal. 

A reminder that content in chat anywhere in our community should not exceed PG-13 or venture too far into Rated R territory depending on the context, we have a mature content channel in our discord called The Mature Lounge. Be sure to read our Rules Page at our site for Mature Lounge's description and rules. Full graphic nudity and ERP are banned in all channels. 

A reminder that we are running a special Thavnairian Onion Campaign, headed by Lt.Saiori Fukurokuju who has been growing onions and will be selling them for an enormous discount versus marketboard prices. All funds made go back into covering what's needed to keep it going.

Writers are being sought for the new Azure portal site for content creation, as well as for RA:N. Details here. You can also direct message Reika Fujishima in our discord for details.

Azure Infinitum is off to a big start in 2020 and its going to be a huge year for our community. 
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