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Anniversary Azure Day 2019 Info and Event Program

This coming weekend we are celebrating 5 years of Azure Infinitum- our extended community that presently produces a variety of activity and fun through our established Final Fantasy XIV guild and community sites and branches. 

Azure has grown to become RA:N's official community portal and big plans are in the works for a new Azure site that will be a sibling site to RA:N, and plans to expand and grow the community. 

We celebrate our great community pretty often- every 4 months roughly, but the November celebration in Final Fantasy XIV is unprecedented compared to the rest of our activities. 

About Azure Day 

"Azure Day" or now "Azure Day Weekends" are normally two-day events that last through the afternoon and evening of the given days taking place in Final Fantasy XIV within our guild or FC (Free Company) on Midgardsormr Server, and features a convention-style program of back to back hourly events. 

Anniversary Azure Day celebrates the FC's anniversary and is the biggest Azure Day event of the year. Its a big time to show our community spirit, clad in FC colors (blue and various shades of Blue), have a ton of fun together across the weekend, and participate in some unique activities, games, and do various raffles. 

Azure Day began as a singular afternoon of activities in early 2015 and quickly evolved into a full day, then a full weekend of activities that celebrate Azure. 
There are many beloved events that return to most Azure Days, while new ones appear and are added to keep things fresh. 
We've taken to creating a mix of social and content-using minigames and also throw in ever popular "Flash Raffles" which are sparratic random raffles that take place in chat using the game's "/random" command to roll numbers closest to the hosts within a time limit. 
Azure Day features a mix of contests, races, sometimes game-shows, and also presents opportunities like our Azure Day Auction, which provides great deals on donated items while contributing to the FC's in-game funds that support the next Azure Day. 
We also do big guild-wide screenshots with as many people we can get into the shot as possible to commemorate the celebratory weekend and immortalize those who were there.

Reika Fujishima 02_25_2018 21_13_14

Why We Celebrate 

The biggest reason for our celebrations is that our community in Azure as a whole is a wonderful, fantastic place that has continued to succeed and thrive no matter the obstacles we've faced. 
We continue to enjoy and manifest an active, organized, and friendly harmony that has been the catalyst for many great memories, and has brought so many people together. 

Azure has a sense of love to it in most if not all of its corners, and there are great bonds between many who all- even the most quiet or casual ones- contribute to making it a reality. 
We work to display a level of community excellence and organization as we strive to be an example of not only what a Free Company or gaming clan/community can be or achieve, but also to prove what we can accomplish together as a group of people from all sorts of locations, backgrounds, beliefs, and beyond.


We celebrate our community, and each other on Azure Days! 
We also celebrate the birth and founding of Azure Infinitum, known to many as a tale known around our server as The Liberation of the Crimson Blades. 

Our founding story details our rise from an era within a year from FFXIV's launch, where Azure faced great challenges before and after its creation as we made a restructure from a dying community named Crimson Blades. 
The challenges we faced were amidst great hardship in our server when an outside gaming clan had attempted an Eve Online-scale conspiracy of trying to assimilate the server's communities and their resources through masterful planning. 

Crimson Blades was abandoned by its previous leaders and without our knowledge we were being used to build it up so they could have one character they left with powers, to sell it off. 
We were lucky for their error in poaching a member who leaked the conspirator's details from the inside, allowing us to expose, warn others, and bring down the plans- but because of the one that still held those powers as an alt character that was installed to watch our progress- we knew we had to leave or be kicked out after leaking their plan. 
Being scattered and homeless would have separated the community, and thrust an exodus into being. 

(There are many groups named Crimson Blades or after the fictitious Final Fantasy factions of the same name in the series. Any relation to certain groups or people in Midgardsormr is coincidental and have no relation. Many have stepped up over the years to try and claim they were there or that their Crimson Blades was the one we left from. Wild accusations and speculatory rumors have persisted for years, and the legend continues. We are proud of our founding and story of endurance and indignation to create something positive out of a negative, and Azure does not condone any action or bad behavior toward anyone of any coincidental history or relation to any group of such name.) 

Our founding members and myself stood against the trials of overcoming what we faced and began, and held together with a mutual positive dream, eventually settling on our name "Azure Infinitum" and founding our great community on 11/2/14. Standing true to our values and grasping our goals, Azure Infinitum was born to be "As Free As The Azure Sky!" (one of our mottos). 

Azure Infinitum is latin for "Blue Infinity" or "Infinite Blue" and is a family forged and united under positive philosophy and values. We believe that together our potentials, dreams, and goals, are as big as the infinite sky above, grasping them together as we fly as one.


We have a growing history that has evolved and innovated alongside Final Fantasy XIV which has been our main location for 5 years. 
Azure was only recently introduced officially a little earlier this year when I decided to release my personal anonymity and reveal myself. This allowed me to become much closer with the community and fully flesh it out as an extension and growing clan that is produced by RA:N with plans to continue to grow and keep making things awesome. 

Azure Infinitum became a trendsetter among our server years ago- and even beyond, inspiring many with our no-drama policy and our codes of conduct, organization, and events many others have adopted. 
We reside high among top leading communities world-wide and across our server- a major North American server- with some of the highest activity/productivity rates and rankings overall in Final Fantasy XIV Online. 

On these Azure Day Weekends, myself and our leadership and support teams, work to give as much back to the community as we can by showering it in tons of great in-game prizes, oftentimes raffling off physical merch and promotional items, as we have tons of fun online together over 3 days.


Event Wear and Clothing Options 

If you're in Azure, come and show your Azure spirit more than usual on this Azure Day Weekend! 
Various blue dyes are found in the company chest so people have a chance to dye their gear for Azure Day if they don't already wear company colors. 
Please take as much as needed, making sure also to save some for others too. 
Our official dye in-game is Othard Blue dye, but we provide many shades. 
Many armors and gear in the game have different reactions to certain colors, and some shades may appear better. Company Tabards must be dyed Othard Blue however. 

If you are a recruit who's recently joined us and are experiencing Azure Day for the first time and would like some dye, ask someone to get you some out of our chest. Company Tabards pre-dyded in Othard Blue will be given out for free to those who don't have one. THESE ARE VERY LIMITED! Members will only receive one. The materials for the Tabards (official FC formal wear) are rare, and we'll give out as many as we have stored, which we routinely collect materials for Azure Days where we mainly give them out. 
Don't forget to get your gear or Company Tabard crested with the Azure Crest! You can do this anytime by speaking to the NPC inside the Maelstrom HQ in Limsa Lominsa who is just inside the entrance, all the way back to the left. 

The Azure Day Photobooth 

Once again returning will be a photobooth we set up for members to take pics and make some memories together on Azure Day. 
The photobooth will appear on the 1st floor of our estate and will be visible upon entering. If you need to visit a Private Chamber in the Hall while the booth is up, just walk through the walls by holding forward movement in one direction until you move through it. 
The photobooth will remain up until November 19th Flash Raffles As mentioned earlier- and badck and better than ever, our flash raffles happen usually between or sometimes during events. 

Many random quick-fire raffle rounds will occur across each day at random times. Flash raffle prizes include gil, minions, housing items, glamour items, and more! Raffles are held in-person around the FC yard or in the midst of certain events when many people are presently gathered in one place. 

Flash Raffles begin once everyone is asked by me to use the "/random" command which will roll a random number from 0-999 for you, and the number must be closest to the number I roll.
Flash Raffles usually go on for about 30 seconds to 1 minute, roughly. 

Look out for the rare "Golden Flash Raffle" which will be giving out a prize of 1,000,000 gil!



There are many events we hold on across Azure Day Weekend, with tens of millions of gil value in our prizepool. 
Remember that we're all here to have fun and celebrate our community, the prizes are a bonus! 
Each day's events will begin at 4pm EST/1pm PST and will run as long as each one takes- usually about 1 hour is allotted for most events, while some require 2 hours. Events will be called out regularly and you can ask what's going on in-game at any time for quick response. 

We ask that if you attend our events, to please make plenty of time to attend them should you join in. 
If you win or participate during an event, we ask that you please stick around the event location and have patience, following any instructions to obtain prizes or any special bonuses. 

Our prizes for the events that have them, are sorted between High, Medium, and Low tiers that are based on their present value, and are usually announced at the start of events. 

Azure Day events are hosted specifically for Azure Infinitum members of all ranks, and Infinitum Alliance members are invited as well. 
If you've got friends outside of Azure Infinitum, invite them to join our Free Company or visit our events to see what we do! 

The Event Program for this weekend is as follows:

anniversaryazuredayeventprogramanniversaryazureday2019ad2 new azure site  
Visit our present site today at (currently in maintenance while the new one is being made). 
Join Azure Infinitum, RA:N's Community Portal and Gaming Community Celebrating Visual Culture! Join our Discord and register at the site link above. 
Azure Infinitum is a product of Run Around:Network.

Azure Infinitum is not officially endorsed by Square Enix 

Final Fantasy XIV is owned by Square Enix Co.LTD, All Rights Reserved 

Want to join us in FFXIV? 
Find us in Midgardsormr Server, Mist housing zone ward 7, plot 1 and put in an application in-game. 
Join us in Monster Hunter World any time by joining our Discord and asking for a MHW Squad invite. "Hunt-A-Thon" takes place every Monday at 2pm EST/11am PST 

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