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Live Streaming Hiker Falls Off Mount Fuji

In another terrible case of live streaming accidents, a hiker recently fell while on Japan's infamous Mount Fuji. 
The video showed a man going by TEDZU talking about rushing up the peak and how his hands were freezing but he was doing his best to operate his smartphone. 

Moments later he mentioned how slippery the rocks were and before you know it he was falling as his climbing sticks could be seen falling away and the video ended abruptly. Since the story began travelling around the internet, police have found a body at 3000 meters down and are working to identify if its the man in the video.

Currently we're about a month following the usual hiking season for Mount Fuji, as reported by Japan Today, but there are no laws that prevent hikers from attempting to climb the mountain at any other part of the year.

This is a great reminder about how quickly accidents can happen and that life can end in an instant- even if the man wasn't live streaming there's still a good chance he could have fallen to his doom either way.

Full story here.


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