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Azure Saints' Wake 2019

New to RA:N readers is our official RA:N community platform called Azure Infinitum, recently introduced, which currently is most meaty right now as a guild in Final Fantasy XIV where it began 5 years ago. Azure has grown to become a community of its own and both worlds of my creation have come together and are closer than ever. 
RA:N will begin posting updates for our community at Azure just like this post.

FFXIV announced their yearly Halloween-themed holiday event recently, named "All Saints' Wake". 
For Azure and the RA:N community who's with us in XIV, that means its time for Azure Saints' Wake again! 

Azure Saints' Wake 2019 is coming on the 26th! Its the time of the year that we hold a fun little gathering to celebrate, show off in-game glamours & cosplay, hold some spooky raffles, and have some fun! 

Join us at 8pm EST/7pm CST/5pm PST inside the Azure Free Company Estate as we start with our costume party & take spooky screenshots amid the festive decor and return of the Azure Day Photobooth! 
Raffles will be present through the evening, and there's a special Ghost-Hunt minigame that will take place afterward around 9pm EST/8pm CST/7pm PST, which will require a team of Ghost-Hunters with keen eyes and fast feet to hunt down the notorious ghost that has been haunting the FC hall lately. 

Should the Hunters win, their entire squad will get terrifyingly good rewards! 
See you there! 

If you'd like to join me, the rest of the RA:N community, and our free company (guild) in Final Fantasy XIV, make sure you're on Midgardsormr as your home world, join our discord: and send a direct message to Reika Fujishima (me) or anyone listed as a Scout, Captain, or Lieutenant rank letting them know your name for a direct invite! Make sure you're online in-game when you do so.
If you know how, you can also look us up and send in an official in-game application. You can find our plot at Mist's Ward 7, Plot 1!


Want to keep running around with us? Stay connected! 
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