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Advance Wars

A game series I'm pretty passionate about is the "Wars" series that started back with the release of "Famicom Wars" in 1988 on the Famicom. 

The most recent release of the series was on the Nintendo DS in 2008 called "Advace Wars: Days of Ruin". AW:DoR was the 4th in the "Advance Wars" titled portion of the series which had begun on the Game Boy Advance in 2001.


Advance Wars is a cartoony military tactics style game that plays somewhat similar to games like Fire Emblem, Yggdra Union, and many others. 

If you've ever played a tactics style game you'll know them by the usual top-down or isometric grid that characters move through in squares. Often characters or units (depending on the game) will move to enemies' spaces where they stand and attack, often initiating a battle that shows the two sides fighting each other in a festival of luck and stats that will determine how well the two sides do against each other. Imagine chess, but where each piece has different advantages against others.


Advance Wars or any game in the Wars series is a great addition to anyone's library. In my opinion, each entry gets better and better with release. 
The Advance Wars series specifically on GBA and DS are titles that mean a lot to me. 

I spoke a bit in my Fire Emblem Awakening review some time back about how the Fire Emblem series was a contributor to strengthening a friendship of mine. A close friend of 23 years and Iwhen had reconnected over the Fire Emblem series after starting to grow apart once back when we were young. 
Advance Wars was another case of the same for me with the very same friend. We both love tactics games so its no wonder we were in heaven playing games like Advance Wars and Fire Emblem. 

Many people who work on the development of Fire Emblem also work on Advance Wars too. ^^


Advance Wars is really fun, definitely get a copy if you own a GBA or a DS, especially if you enjoy these types of games. You'll most likely have to buy them on sites like Amazon and eBay nowadays, but they aren't hard to find.
The games usually have a good deal of optional content along with a campaign. 
I just played through Days of Ruin again- this time to beat it because I never finished it in the past. There's a ton of challenge maps, and a map maker mode too. 
I feel like Days of Ruin was designed to last forever!

I'm sad that there has been no more Wars games made since 2008's Days of Ruin, because its really such a strong and long-lasting franchise and I can easily imagine there being a modern-day entry on the Nintendo Switch. 

There's a few Wars-style games that have come out recently that I'm interested in checking out- one is Tiny Metal, and the other is Wargroove

It may look simple, but the Wars games are a lot of fun, packed with great characters, music, animations, and strategy. 
Things got even better when the series added "CO Powers" where depending on the commander you're playing, there are different abilities you can activate after fulfilling certain conditions. These special powers are like a kind of super move, some allowing you to double your units' strength or speed, allowing you to lay waste to your enemies.


I've read a lot of others' opinions over the years about why this series hasn't had a release in a decade and counting, and a lot of folks comment that the popularity of Fire Emblem in recent years has kept the developers very busy. 

Anyways, here's hoping for more Wars games someday! 
I just wanted to express my love for this fine franchise.


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