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New Final Fantasy VII TGS 2019 Trailer Reveals Characters, Summons, And More

Tokyo Game Show 2019 is taking place right now in Japan and trailers are starting to fly out across the internet- one specific trailer is none other than the next awaited Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer. 

Trailer below: 

I have some big thoughts on this today and I am extremely excited- now. 

So, I am completely forgetting how I felt about FFVII Remake before. 
I'm throwing my previous feelings right out the window. 
I've not been disappointed, I've just gone by the little they've shown so far which has made me- who is used to the original lengthy tale- feel like the FFVII Remake has seemed somewhat incomplete. I've just been annoyed that all of the content shown has been story from disc 1 of the original. 

HOWEVER, with all that being said, and with all the media and the new details and trailer released today, we've have learned since the earliest details were released 4 years ago, that what they are doing to Final Fantasy VII is making a huge production out of it and spreading it across 'however many volumes it will take', which will most likely be a trilogy.


Yeah, its going to take at least somewhere around 6 more years or so roughly for us to truly witness it in its entirety, but I don't mind this.

I really like high production trilogies in any media- especially like with feature films for example, I grew up with the releases of LOTR, The Matrix, Star Wars movies, and more that were all epic and memorable release. 
They took a couple years at a time to make and release, and right now there's not a lot of movies or other media that have impressed me this much, or had me this excited.

Don't get me wrong here, there's plenty of things I am into and totally stoked about. Final Fantasy VII is just a whole other level for me, personally.

Sephiroth 2

There's something magical to me about major releases and the periods of time that lead up to them, or follow them, especially while a series is still coming out. 
We're getting a colossal project like the FFVII Remake, but we're also getting an experience

What am I talking about? I'm saying that from this point forward, FFVII Remake is going to be fresh in the air, in our minds, and with obvious merchandise and media to come. 

This alone makes me giddy and excited, especially as someone who has lived through the original release of Final Fantasy VII on the PlayStation in 1997, soaked in Advent Children's release in 2005, and every other facet of Final Fantasy VII media- beyond just being a fan of the Final Fantasy franchise as a whole.


I can really see that they are taking FFVII into amazing territory, as expected for one of the most legendary video games and stories ever created. 

The chills I got from this trailer honestly made me feel like I did the moment that I first experienced the original game, and for some reason that feeling is more rare to me these days as a veteran gamer of nearly 3 decades, and also as a longtime fan and scholar of some of the best digital experiences we've created as a species.


Often while I enjoy many forms of media and entertainment, I watch and wait for something to give me that mind-blowing feel, that cutting edge feel, and seeing VII look so beautiful has really hit me hard after this trailer's release today. 

It feels to me like Square Enix has taken every aspect of the original story- no matter how small- even side characters, being beautifully recreated and spotlighted, even the infamous soundtrack for FFVII sounds amazing in this trailer. It has me on the chill-induced hype train and I am counting down the days until this release.


I'm not just excited for 2020, I'm excited for the entire decade to come. 
I'm just smiling big today from ear to ear, thinking of 15 year old me with eyes wide open seeing that 2005 tech demo that looked like they were remaking VII, and witnessing the years that followed as we yearned and yearned for this. I don't care what anyone says, I'm gonna support the hell out of the FFVII Remake. 

Thank you Square Enix!!!  

The game now has a release date for March 3rd, 2020 with a normal, a deluxe, and even a big collector's edition which costs $329.99. 

Enjoy more screencaps from the new trailer, below:

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