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Death Stranding To Feature Hit Song By Gen Hoshino

pop virus  
Tweeted this morning by the Kojima Productions official Twitter was an announcement that Kojima's long awaited sci-fi thriller, Death Stranding, will be featuring the song "Pop Virus", by Japanese musician Gen Hoshino, in the game. The tweet mentions a "collaboration" between Hideo Kojima and Gen Hoshino, and Japanese music site POPSCENE seems to mention that the collab is 'being recorded'.   
This could mean that they are preparing a special version of Hoshino's song or simply that featuring it in the game is a collaboration in itself. 
My bet right now is on a special recording of the song. 

If you take a listen below, you'll instantly hear that Pop Virus is actually very upbeat and doesn't initially seem to match the incredibly bleak, dark, gritty setting of Death Stranding- unless of course there's some whimsical, nihilistic, jolliness to be had while exploring wastelands filled with invisible demonic entities that want to annihilate you, your hobo backpacks, and your cabbage patch baby strapped to your chest. 

Maybe this song is meant to play in the game's credits after some kind of feel-good ending where the world is saved and everyone feels warm and fuzzy after building bonds together across a daunting, grim future who's very existence is a giant middlefinger to Konami atop mounds of cash in real life? 

Here's Gen Hoshino's song, "Pop Virus" below:

Pop Virus is the opening song for Gen Hoshino's 5th album, which has the same name and released just at the end of 2018 on December 17th. 
Pop Virus topped the Oricon charts for several weeks and went double platinum in one month, and went on to win many awards.
He has starred in a handful of movies and tv shows, including playing the voice of the father in the anime movie Mirai, which released last year.
Hoshino began his music career in 2000 when he began leading the band, Sakerock, formed with fellow high-school graduates. The band has released 10 albums and mini-albums, and soundtracks for Japanese plays, tv shows, and movies.

Death Stranding is set to launch on November 8th, worldwide, exclusively for PlayStation 4. 
You can pre-order the game now at our trusted partner Play-Asia and support us: 

If you haven't seen it yet, check out this great trailer for Death Stranding that was released earlier this year:

 Also here's a big gameplay stream that was took place today:


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