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Fire Emblem: The Three Houses Gameplay Revealed

An all new trailer for Fire Emblem: The Three Houses' gameplay has dropped and what I'm seeing just keeps getting better and better. 
The amount of preparation in this Fire Emblem exceeds the usual grind of leveling characters, paying attention to traits and support, and promoting them when it feels best. 

This Fire Emblem has a list of additions and changes to the usual mechanics- and the story itself is split into 2 separate arcs. So far, we know that the first arc of the story takes place at school where you'll be training lords and various warriors for a bit. 
The second half has something to do with the three factions/houses going to war. Why? No idea! But its safe to bet that something goes down between characters you'll meet and the plot will thicken up from there!


You'll be playing as a sort of teacher, and how you 'teach' your units will determine some of their abilities and stats even years later! Yes, years, like after the time skip even. Supposedly there's no limits to what you can do with your guidance of various characters. If you feel like one would do much better as another job, you can go for it without restriction. From everything that's been shown, the customization and flexibility is stronger than ever. There's plenty of moments you can relax from the main story to train your characters and customize how you want to play them. You're also supposed to be allowed to skip quite a bit of things if you don't feel like doing much between special moments of the game. You'll be wanting to make sure you spend enough time with the new Motivation System to keep your students motivated! I'm motivated just hearing there's a new Fire Emblem to play!


Don't forget to celebrate their birthday either! (Which you can do now by holding parties and giving gifts that further boost morale!) 

Gameplay video below by IGN:

Quite a bit of changes have been made to Fire Emblem mechanics- such as doing away with the famous weapon triangle of Lances against Swords, Swords against Axes, and Axes against Lances. Weapon abilities will have more importance.

Other changes and additions include: Combat arts now have a cost, large or giant enemies that take up multiple squares will be more prevalent than in previous entrees, new targeting lines will show you which characters the enemies are most likely to attack, and each character has their own battalion.

Battalions surround the character and have their own stats and as they level it assists the character they're attached to. Battalions kind of give me a feel that these battles are more like a war than simply small companies of heroes doing battle against each other- although usually during most Fire Emblem games, I like to use my imagination to imagine a huge war with basic soldiers going on around the heroes you control.

There's a lot of new tweaks to the Fire Emblem experience too like ways to change your view and move between allies, changes in animations, and a more in-depth support feature. Best part of it all? No its not just customizing your own character again- which is always awesome- Its coming next month on July 26th! Story trailer below from Nintendo:


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