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Square Enix Beefs Up Its Manga In The West

Square Enix, the maker of infamous franchises such as Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and Kingdom Hearts was announced on Friday to have hit a distribution and multi-years disribution and sales agreement with publisher Penguin Random House

This particular deal goes between Penguin Random House and Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd's American subsidiary Square Enix, Inc. and involves a list of manga, artbooks, and novels in english.


Some early details on what's to come includes the english release of the Final Fantasy XV: Dawn of the Future novel, which release in Japan in April. 
Soul Eater manga, Hi-Score Girl, and A Man and His Cat are also slated to release as a part of this deal. 

Square Enix has released manga in the west before like Full Metal Alchemist, Soul Eater, and Black Butler, but its been under other publishers. 
Final Fantasy Lost Stranger releaes under Yen Press and Dragon Quest Monsters + is releasing under Seven Seas
Both of which you should be able to find currently at your local Barne's & Noble. 

Square Enix manga has a huge presence in Japan, and you can see how much manga is a part of Square Enix by browsing the Japanese Square Enix website or taking a look at the GanGan online service. 

More Square Enix is always welcome and I'm excited to see the company have a much more fluid way to release more of their manga.



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