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Your Name's Producer's Next Film Preview and Radwimps Music Returning

The first trailer for Makoto Shinkai's new movie came out yesterday and features the return of the band Radwimps, who previously scored a beautiful soundtrack for Shinkai's infamous "Your Name" or "Kimi no Na Wa" that released in 2016. 

You can view the video and hear the song here

The new movie is called Tenki no Ko: Weathering With You (Weather Child: Weathering With You), and the new song for the film is called "Ai ni Dekiru Koto wa Mada Aru Kai." 

This information went live on the film's website and a movie poster has been released along with some information about the film. 

One tagline reads: "This is the story of the world's secret that only she and I know."

The new film follows a boy named Hodaka who is a highschool student that leaves his home on a very lonely island to the big city- Tokyo. Hodaka lives broke for a while until he is hired to write for an occult magazine. The weather continues to be increasing rainy, and Hodaka meets a girl named Hina who lives with her brother. Hodaka then discovers that Hina is able to control the weather due to a mysterious power. 

Shinkai made mention of working on a new movie project not long ago back in Fall 2018 where he announced his next project would involve adolescent boys and girls. 

There's no doubt in knowing Shinkai that this film will be another emotional rollercoaster just like Shinkai's previous film, Your Name, which became the second highest grossing anime film, fourth highest grossing film of all time in Japan, and making 25 billion yen or $225 million in USD worldwide. 
With having earned over US$355 million, Your Name became the number one grossing anime film worldwide. 
Here's a trailer for Shinkai's previous film here.

I love the fact that the next project from Shinkai makes use of weather and even more scenery of the sky and clouds that Shinkai has become so known for. 
Tenki no Ko feels right up Shinkai's alley and looks to be another potential masterpiece for this animator that is quickly growing to become one of Japan's most legendary of all time- if not well cemented as such already.

The new film is released worldwide this July 19th.


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