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Japanese Chocolate Burger and Spicy Donuts Sold At Lawson's Convenience Stores

The bargain part of Japanese convenient store chain, Lawson, known as Lawson 100, has some new 'delights' in store for those brave enough to tango with the varieties of chocolate and potatoes, ginger and mayo, or chili peppers and sweet bean paste. And its not an April Fool's joke.

Lawson among many other convenient stores in the country of Japan have a nack for swapping out their variety of goods and baked snacks now and then. 
Lawson doesn't mess around, as it has been reported their research and development teams go over literal hundreds of designs and concepts when creating new tasty (?) treats for their regular stores and Lawson 100s. 
Over 100 types of bread is picked from during these intense development cycles, as several hundred plans are made and decided upon that will fill store shelves with the latest goods each year. 

Lawson's latest series of baked goods is being called "The Above and Beyond Series", debuting with the Pickled Ginger Lovers’ Donut, Choco Choco Croquette Burger, and the An Donut

Rie Miyanaga, Lawson 100's top designer says that the new treats are in fact, delicious. He also went on to say that the new items are not a joke, despite their looks. 

The Picked Ginger Lovers' Donut seen on the bottom in the picture above is a flaky donut filled to the brim with pickled ginger. If you've ever had a piece of the pink ginger that comes with most sushi and Japanese dishes, you'll either absolute hate or like the taste. What makes pickled ginger even more powerful than normal ginger, is the special strong umezu pickling sauce it sits in. 
This much pickled ginger however, is personally unthinkable to me, making this treat the one I would never choose for myself. It'd also make a real nasty trick to use on your friends and family. Don't worry though, Lawson has made sure to counter the ginger's bitter taste, they've added a good amount of mayonnaise to supposedly even things out. 

The Choco Choco Croquette Burger that you see on the upper left in the pic up top, is described as a smooth and crunchy delight as you bite into potato and chocolate. The description actually went as far to hilariously describe that the crunchy part of the sandwich somehow mimics a real croquette. 

Finally, the An Donut, seen in the upper right above, is basically just an anko-filled (sweet bean paste) donut, which doesn't sound bad at all so far- except for its covered in powdered chili peppers. 

I'd actually be willing to give the chocolate potato burger a try, and maybe the sweet bean chili pepper donut- if its not absurdly spicy. 

How about you? 
Would you try any of these? 
What's the most unique thing you've ever eaten? 

Sound off in the comments below? 

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