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EA's Jedi Fallen Order Unveiling

Development on Electronic Art's newest (and possibly last) Star Wars project that was announced very casually back at E3 2018 last June, has now progressed enough for EA to reveal what the game looks like. 
For the last 10 months or so, all we've known about Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order is that it takes place some time between episode III and IV in the dark times where the last Jedi are being hunted down. 
It was also announced that it will be a story-focused game, and that you will start as a novice padawan dealing with the effects of Order 66 from episode III and the results of the Galactic Empire and remaining Sith's quest to exterminate all who oppose them, especially light-sided force wielders.
Another question I have is the naming of the game using "Star Wars Jedi:" and then "Fallen Order" makes me wonder if this isn't the start of a potential new series rather than just one game.
Recently it was announced that parts of the good old Star Wars studio, Lucas Arts, was being revitalized, and at E3 it was said that Respawn is being able to work directly with Lucas. I've got some high hopes for this one. 

EA announced the date for the reveal as a live stream on Saturday, April 13, at 1:30pm CDT, which is 11:30am pacific, or 2:30pm eastern time here

There's currently no release date for the game and little has been known beyond what's written here in this post, or shown besides a photo of a broken light saber laying on some sort of stone table or platform with ancient looking writings on it, visible in the tweet just below:

As for release, it hasn't been made clear whether or not the game will be ready for a Holiday 2019 release date since it was mentioned last summer- sometimes plans change a lot over development periods, but I assume we'll know for sure on the 13th.   


I still think its amusing that this game had no real stage announcement at E3 besides the camera panning to one of the developers in a chair in the audience who very casually mentioned the game's production. 
Quite a huge announcement for such a casual reveal. 

Certainly I do hope its not because making an epic single-player adventure isn't viewed as some kind of sub-par or boring project to EA since it may not involve the massive amount of micro-transactions that they've become so heinously famous for. 

You can check out the 1 minute and 55 seconds EA spent on revealing such a massive announcement here. EA's Jedi Fallen Order game is being developed by Respawn Entertainment who is known primarily for shooters- most famously the Titanfall franchise, and the recent free to play hit Apex Legends. 

Respawn has listed one mystery VR project for the Occulus Rift, but it remains to be seen what type of game it is. 

Will this new Star Wars game break Respawn's mold as a primary shooter studio and become a hit? Or will EA's mandates and pressure bring the usual undue stress and combine with Respawn's possible unfamiliarity or fresh take with other genres of gameplay to create a recipe for another perfect storm of disaster? 
 Its hard to say at this time. 

EA's 2018 EA Play Press Conference gave me a little bit of hope that at least part of the company is beginning to recognize their past mistakes- sort of. I'm looking forward to a story-based Star Wars game regardless, and I'm looking forward to what we'll be able to see on the 13th. 

I'm keeping high hopes and will be supporting the project until I see a reason not to.


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