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Kazu here- I made a Twitch a long time ago but hadn't truly put it to use until now. I've been streaming some Star Wars Battlefront II, Kingdom Hearts II, and more. 

I've discovered that Twitch is a great place to engage with my followers/readers/friends/guild-mates or meet new faces and introduce them to my overall content. 
If you don't have one and you have a steady connection I highly recommend making one.

One major thing you'll see a lot from me presently is my KHIIFM streams that are part of my mission to play every Kingdom Hearts game to the fullest starting at the very beginning with Kingdom Hearts final mix.

ran twitch

Got my channel filled out a bit with my Twitter feed, some information about RA:N, as well as my other project called Azure Infinitum which I wrote a lot about in this post. I would still like to make a more formal informational post about my gaming community called Azure sometime. 

Two of my affiliates and my new donations campaign is also up on there, along with a 5% off coupon from Jlist

My new donation campaign just began today and all donations help me with supporting RA:N content, investing in needs that help me make more, and overall supports my livelihood during some hard times I am having. 
I know it looks like I have a lot of expensive things, but that's mostly due to collecting for a long time. ^^ 

Feel free to add and follow me on Twitch, or any of the links below the banner just below here. I don't mind following anyone back anytime, we all have to make it together. ^.^


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