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Noodles and Company

Stopped by Noodles and Company for dinner with RA:N Contributor OnyxGoggles just after picking up some new manga. 
Always wanted to try this place as it is right nextdoor to the Barnes & Noble that I frequent through the year. 

You can see the manga called "New Game" there on the table. 
I chose this one because I like stories about characters who like video games, and this one is about a character who joins a game company that makes them. 
I also like the cute character designs, colors, and overall aesthetic. 
The manga volumes published in english by Seven Seas Entertainment are good quality too. 
If you'd like to view a trailer for the anime to see what New Game is like, click here for Funimation's trailer, they didn't do a bad job.

Anywho- I took my Nijigenhatsukoi and waifu, figma Haruhi Summer ver., for a date that day, she had ridden in my overshirt's front pocket most of the day. 
 In the photo above you can see from my side of the table, where I chose the Spicy Udon with Shrimp, with a bowl of Korean Meatballs on the left that we had split. 
The portions and size of those bowls are a bit bigger than the photo portrays. 

Over to the right you can also spot some fresh Opus VII edition card packs from the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game that Onyx and I picked up earlier that day- we opened a few packs a piece while nomming on the food.


While the noodles were a tiny bit drier than I expected them to be, the flavor was certainly there and I'd definitely get them again sometime. 

While ordering from their relatively simple menu, they ask you from a list of items what you'd like in your noodles. 
I believe Onyx went after the steak for his meal, but I was feeling shrimp with the Udon I picked. It wasn't as spicy as I feared it could be, in fact it was just right. While choosing I used their legend which showed a symbol representing how hot it would be. This one showed 1 hot pepper of 3 on the legend. Still, it was a tiny gamble- I have to avoid some spicy things due to having an angry stomach. ^^; 

The meatballs were very good, they were chosen as a replacement for the gyoza we were going to get- they were out of stock.


Haruhi approves of how delicious the food was and gives the experience 4/5 SOS Brigade Stars. 

After we were done we noticed a large dish drop-off zone where you're supposed to clean up after yourself and take your dishes to, even with a trash hole for dumping any food remains before putting them away. 

Next time I'm going after their Buffalo Chicken Mac or maybe the Alfredo MontAmore. The prices aren't bad, check them out here along with some other things they serve on their menu. You can also see pictures of what they serve on their official website.


If you're in or near Sacramento like me you can find about 9 or so locations throughout the region and surrounding suburban towns that surround Sacramento. 

If you visit the one I went to in Citrus Heights across from the Sunrise Mall, you can also check out Barnes & Noble next door, or visit GameStop, Half-Price Books, or Dimple Records which are all near by- the latter two being great locations for deals on older games, anime, manga, and more. 

There's also a Best Buy in the same shopping area as Noodles and Company where you can find Nendoroids, Anime Blu-rays, and even some other figures and merch. That Best Buy there also often has rare collectors editions of games that have already been out a few months. You can maybe score one to purchase if you're lucky, but you have to look around the whole store really closely sometimes. 


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