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FFXIV Free Company Azure Infinitum's PVP Tournament Event

If you've read this post or didn't know, I run one of Final Fantasy XIV's most active and organized communities, or Free Companies (guilds in XIV) and have done so for the past five years. 
FFXIV has been an amazing experience and you can read all about mine here


Azure Infinitum is the name of my community where we've blazed all kinds of trails and created a highly positive and active environment for our players. 
We put together all kinds of extraordinary events- some 2 to 3 days long- ones that do everything from benefit charity organizations, celebrate community holidays, and much more. 
One such event is this today's long-awaited overhauled PVP tournament that we created a few years back. 
The Azure Grand Melee and Duel Tournament started as a way for our community to host some kind of medieval-style tournament. 
Being a strong and large guild we thought it would be perfect to hold an event that many across our community, allies, and even the server- could watch as team and singles 1v1 matches duke it out in FFXIV's PVP arena called The Wolve's Den. 

Ultimately champions are crowned and showered in in-game money called gil and receive a title of Infinitum Champion with a listing in our FC's Magazine and on our Champions Page at
The event has grown and has actually been on hold since just before the last quarter of 2018, but returns today in Midgardsormr Server where anyone can watch and community members can join in the fun.


We also announced our design contest where we'll begin creating actual trophies for our members who win the Duel Tournament.


The event today kicks off in a few hours around 2pm PST/5pm EST where grouping will be finishing up for the Grand Melee Team Feast Tournament will be taking place first. 
Teams will be competing in bracketed PVP rounds for a new team set of awards and this event will be the first time we keep team PVP records as opposed to only hosting an unrecorded Feast Tournament in-game and just logging the feats and victories of our Champions. 
Today's Tournament will have commentary in our Discord Server and possibly multiple streams that may be posted or shared on my social media and our Discord's streamer's channel.


The flyer for today's event. 

Ultimately readers of RA:N and members of the Azure Infinitum community will begin seeing more content from both worlds merging a bit as I begin moving Azure Infinitum toward the Azure Network that I have been hyping. 
The plan is to grow Azure into a larger gaming community and create a new community hub that anyone at all can join starting at the beginning of next year. 

We'll be creating Azure 'Branches' to establish Azure presences in other games and to help community members group together with each other, and for the content creators of our community to find value in connecting and having another place to expose their work. 

Today's Tournament Event will run through the afternoon into the evening, the next one takes place this June. 

If you want to get into FFXIV now's the time as the game's 3rd expansion- FFXIV:Shadowbringers launched this summer and the game has never been easier to get into. 
By the chance you're looking for a fantastic, active, positive, organized, and friendly guild or FC to join in FFXIV, you're more than welcome to contact me and/or join us in Azure Infinitum in Midgardsormr Server.


Want to keep running around with us? Stay connected! 
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