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New Detective Pikachu Movie Trailer Shows Mewtwo & More + My Thoughts

The new Detective Pikachu Trailer is out today showing us more Poke'mon in their semi-creepy ultra-realistic CGI Hollywood glory, some action, and a further look into the movie's story.


Despite initially being a little weirded out by the movie's take on Poke'mon and the original Detective Pikachu game for Nintendo 3DS, which features a completely different setting, characters, and aesthetics in line with the Poke'mon franchise-I am actually becoming genuinely interested in seeing this movie. Why? Because it actually looks like a good time. Looking at trailers for the original Detective Pikachu, I can see where filmmakers who may or may not be fans of the franchise were trying to go with the movie. We have to remind ourselves this movie isn't just based on Poke'mon, but on the Detective Pikachu game specifically.


There's genuine comedy to be found, along with what might actually be a good story. I don't know why I can't get over how random this entire movie is to me, its so weird to me as a Poke'mon fan of 23 years. 
It might be so unique of a project however, that I can't stop looking away.


As a kid I'd probably be annoyed that Poke'mon wasn't being represented true to the original anime or game, but I believe that today rather than before, is the best time for this movie. 
People worldwide have been used to hearing about Poke'mon- even people who don't play or follow it- for over 2 decades now, so it shouldn't change too many people's perceptions of the franchise. 
That's something I usually worry about when adaptations are made, and kid-me would be really annoyed at things for not being a perfect example of the anime or games.


While that Lickitung above is creepy as hell, I can't argue that it probably couldn't look any other way in a live-action Poke'mon movie. Despite some of the aethetics of this movie, there are features that are right at home with the franchise.

I guess what I'm trying to say here, is that as much as I try to accept this movie fully, I still feel some kind of uncomfortable feeling about this movie existing when they could have made a more serious live-action movie that is true to the games and franchise that we could have had for years now and never got. 
Poke'mon is a massive worldwide phenomenon as a franchise which has impacted the world enough for most people to realize that this movie is more 'for fun' than anything else and shouldn't be an example of the games or anime series.


But despite all of its zaniness, it seems to be one of those weird projects that could work. 
This movie has that Hollywood-adaptation-stink all over it that many gamers and anime fans feel the sting of, but there's also some visible creativity and story at the same time.


Mewtwo looks alright in the trailer and was a surprise to see, and we got more insight to the movie's characters and their personality. 
The new trailer also brings us more into the Poke'mon world, seeing 'natural' things like Machamp directing traffic, and how scary it could be to be tossed into an arena with a real life Charizard- at least from Pikachu's perspective.
I plan to see it and enjoy the movie, but its pretty safe to say that its still a little sad to me that we never got a normal live-action Poke'mon movie first.
For Hollywood though, this might be the best we'll get. Who knows?


I don't mean to come off as hating this movie before its even out, or anything like that at all, I like giving just about everything a chance.
I just can't deny being just a little dissapointed. That's all. 

Its one of those really half-and-half feelings to me, I want to love it and probably will be entertained. On the other hand, I wish things were different. 
So far, I like the second trailer a lot more now, which you can view here.
I plan to write up a full review & assessment of the movie when it comes out, which you'll be able to find right here on RA:N.

Detective Pikachu comes to theaters in May.

What are your thoughts? 


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