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Bleach Superfan & Artist Miharu Sokushi's Collection and Interview

Miharu collage Recently I met artist Miharu Sokushi from France on Twitter while viewing and sharing otaku collections on my feed. 
When I saw her amazing collection with the majority of it incredibly dedicated to Bleach, I couldn't help but share several of her posts and ask her if we could have a feature about her as a collector, as a Bleach fan, and as an artist! 

Miharu's art to me feels like her work is a striking resemblance of Bleach official artwork and anime style, which has impressed and been recognized by Bleach character designer Masashi Kudo, and featured in a collaboration with Tensei Productions on a Bleach fan-animation poster and with Monster, a Korean artist who perfectly illustrates Tite Kubo's work. You can see some above in the collage! 

I am enthralled by her art style, as I have loved art from Bleach since I discovered the series in 2003 and first became a fan. Definitely check out Miharu Sokushi's Twitter and Facebook Page to see the rest of her work and follow her on social media.

Before we continue, I'd just like to tell you all that this featured article is the start of a return to my past work of spotlighting otaku collections, fans of anime and manga, and artists. It can be really fun to see how others decorate their collections, and it doesn't seem like there's enough places online that celebrate or feature these sorts of hobby collections too often. 
Some of you may have seen my room, which is in need of a major update post since the last was in 2015. I've always been big on collecting, and that's why I got more interested in sharing otaku collections. Eventually things led me to joining in on the Otacool project in 2009 as a collaborating content developer as I wanted to bring light to the joys of other hobby rooms and collectors, as well as start sharing my own. 

Today we'll be taking a look at Miharu Sokushi's collection and learning more about her in the interview below where she's answered some questions about her hobbies and herself for RA:N readers!

Miharu 3

Hikaru Kazushime: "When did you start Collecting?" 

Miharu Sokushi: "First of all, I live in the north of France. We have a very special kind of culture where every weekend between spring and fall, northerners like to walk to "garage sales" that we call "Réderies". In these réderies, people sell many things at very good prices. You can find anything and everything in it. So since I was a kid, I started cultivating this passion to make these réderies by collecting a lot of things. Born in a generation that had experienced the mangas arborescence in France, I was immersed in the culture of video games, mangas and animation since childhood. My brother was a geek, and made me discover all the culture of video games and my sisters those of the Animation and Mangas. Let's say that I've been passionate about everything for almost 25 years now. I'm a big child. I really started maybe when I discovered Naruto on TV, it was maybe 12 or 13 years ago."

Miharu 7

Hikaru Kazushime: "Who's your favorite character/s?" 

Miharu Sokushi: "I have been a fan of the same character for 11 years now, even after the anime stops and the manga ends, I am still as admiring and passionate about Zaraki Kenpachi. I have rarely had a crush on another character. Generally I love characters who stand out from the crowd, very weird, strange, irritating but very funny and affectionate. I also greatly appreciate the characters Clown or "Bara". For example, except Zaraki Kenpachi, I love Buggy the clown, Bartholomeo, Caesar Clown, Zetto, Akainu (One Piece), or Endeavor (Boku no Hero Academia)."

Miharu 6Miharu 4  
Hikaru Kazushime: "What's your favorite item/s in your collection?" 

Miharu Sokushi: "It's hard to say. I like everything I have! I am the kind of person who attaches a lot of importance to a simple object. There are still a few that stand out. For example, my Kenpachi statue from Tsume, limited to 300 copies worldwide. I bought it after saving up, it was my first time that I saved up a lot of money in order to buy this statue. I also have a poster of Bleach's volume 64, displayed in Japanese bookstores, extremely rare! With Kenpachi in the background, he's just AWESOME! And the last one, a Bleach clock that I was given last year. I've never seen one like this before!"

Miharu 5  
Hikaru Kazushime: "Are there any special facts about your collection that you'd like to share?"  

Miharu Sokushi: "Yes, several! First of all, many people think that I spend astronomical amounts, and that I must surely have a lot of money to spend in my collection, well not really. I am still a student and every month I get a small scholarship. I don't smoke, I don't drink alcohol, I rarely go out with friends. In addition, I still live with my parents and I pay a small rent of 70€/month to my parents and I don't have a car. So I don't have much to spend. Besides I have a lot of expenses for Art and for my personal life and the remains are for my collection. Basically, I spend 70€ per month for 10 months per year and since 6 years! That's very little! In the meantime I do some Bleach illustration commissions or something to get some money."

Miharu 9

Miharu Sokushi: "Not long ago, I was delighted that someone I admire had appreciated my devotion and collection for Bleach. Masashi Kudo, charadeigner of the Bleach animation, had retweeted my photos. I was really happy! Moreover, I had the chance to complete my collection with a dedication of Mr. Kudo during his visit to Paris where I was able to have him sign on a Kenpachi illustration. And I offered him impressions of my illustrations. He was extremely surprised!"

Miharu 10 Miharu 11 Miharu 12  
Hikaru Kazushime: "Anything else at all you'd like to share about yourself?" 

Miharu Sokushi: "In addition to being a collector/Otaku I am also an artist. I do a lot of Bleach illustrations in a style between manga and anime. I was also fortunate to have collaborated with Tensei Production on a Bleach fan-animation poster and with Monster, a Korean artist who perfectly illustrates Tite Kubo's work. Besides, I think thanks to the fact that I am a Bleach fan, I managed to impress him with my Bleach collection and my Art. Since then he has become my boyfriend. Ahahaha being an Otaku can bring good things contrary to what you might think! It is becoming increasingly rare to find fans and big collectors. I like to exchange and discuss with some of them. But it's not common. So, if you are a fan/collector and you want to chat, exchange etc... I'm here! I'm here! Or even if you are looking for a particular Bleach item or information do not hesitate!"

Miharu 2

Thank you Miharu Sokushi for sharing about yourself and your hobbies with us here at Run Around:Network, Where Visual Culture Comes To Life!
I think its safe to say that even with Bleach's anime and manga ending, there's still tons of love for this franchise around the world, as it has touched many lives.

Don't forget you can follow Miharu Sokushi on FacebookTwitter, and at her art stream, as well as her boyfriend and Bleach artist Monster, and Masashi Kudo's Twitter too who was mentioned previously.

Look forward to more fan and artist features in the future, until then, keep running around the world of pop-culture and fandom with RA:N!


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