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Sonic The Hedgehog Disturbing Movie Poster

Early this morning Paramount Pictures and IGN released a tweet showing a motion movie poster for the Sonic The Hedgehog movie coming out in 2019. 

He looks a bit weirdly buff right? 
I think its the fact that we're used to seeing Sonic without muscular legs- or without a toned body at all for that matter. 
Well it turns out Sonic hasn't skipped leg day for this movie, and the internet has been imploding all day while reacting to the creepy looking, shadowy, ripped fuzzy hedgehog poster with aesthetics that oddly seem to mimic the Detective Pikachu movie's advertising look with dark colors, neon text, and that awkward level something reaches when it is made overly realistic.
Some folks online have posted or re-posted more comfortable looking movie posters or edits to the one released today that make Sonic a lot more recognizable. 
Here's a couple below:

I believe the poster shown just above with the '2016' in it may have circulated the last time plans for the Sonic movie might have gone around the internet. 
It really feels to me like that one would have been a much better design than the one posted today which reeks of only missing a big "Netflix Original" logo slapped on. 

Maybe they'll go the Detective Pikachu route and have Sonic voiced by Liam Neeson and force the movie to take place somewhere in the US like in Washington DC, which Hollywood recently did to the Metro 2033 movie that is in the making, forcing its creators to struggle with the plot. Yes, that's also a thing going on that I tweeted about this morning.
Which brings me all the way back to a timeless argument- and usually a fact- that video game and anime adaptations (often Novels too) have a hilarious but sad amount of horrible turn outs as adaptations of artistic integrity and creativity whims of western producers, mucking up beloved franchises to make some bucks. 

I gave more examples of this horror in My Thoughts on Your Name's (Kimi no Na Wa) Hollywood Remake post which also presents other movies for example. 

I think Filthy Frank might have said it best:


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