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Samuel L. Jackson and Miyavi Team Up

Yep, you read that title right and the photo above isn't photoshopped. 
Jrock superstar Miyavi announced his guest list for his next album, SAMURAI SESSIONS vol.3 – Worlds Collide-, which comes out December 5th. 

On that list, to many people's surprise, was none other than Samuel L. Jackson.
Its not that strange since Miyavi has been developing his presence more among western talent and in movies. 
I love so many of Samuel L. Jackson's roles in movies, so I must say I was excited as well as being a longtime Miyavi fan, that none other than Jedi Master Mace Windu and the Afro Samurai himself would be joining the Samurai of rock, Miyavi.

After hearing the news I could only wonder and speculate how Samuel L. Jackson's contribution to Miyavi's music could sound. 
At first I couldn't help but try to imagine the two rocking out together, or maybe a mix of different musical styles that could produce something awesome you don't hear everyday. 
Well it seems Mr.Jackson will be taking part in making the album's intro. But its an awesome sounding intro.

Here's a preview of the intro here.

Nothing like starting your album with Samuel L. "motherf**king" Jackson. 


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