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Devil May Cry's Special Stage Play Has A Famous Korean Idol


In the upcoming DEVIL MAY CRY - THE LIVE HACKER stage play, SUPERNOVA member KwangSoo will be playing Gideon's human form alongside Ryouma Baba, known for his roles in Tokusatsu productions, who will be playing Dante. Revealed by the staff, you can see the pic above revealing both in their costumes. 

The play is being directed by Jun Yoriko who also directed the Resident Evil/Biohazard play. 
The staff announced the play will be shown in Odaiba, Tokyo over at the Zepp Diver City venue with a total of 13 performances! 

Both actors posted messages in costume on Twitter:

There's a lot of Devil May Cry hype in the air again due to Devil May Cry 5 being released in about 3 months from now on March 8th, and honestly its good to see again...especially after that "DmC" game which I was not a fan of. ^^; 
Since seeing the live announcement and trailer of Devil May Cry 5 at Microsoft's E3 Press Conference, I've been really excited that Capcom has brought Devil May Cry back and looking better than ever- and of course, the return of the real Dante we all know and love. 

Speaking of Devil May Cry 5:

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