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Fruits Basket Returns For New Complete Anime

UntitledFruits Basket is returning in an all-new anime. This announcement comes via Hana to Yume which featured a mention of Fruits Basket on the cover on their 24th issue, which lists a new anime adaptation of the  Fruits Basket manga while using the words "Zenpen" (全編) which means "the whole story" or may be also informally called "Complete". 


This announcement is bringing a lot of excitement to the Fruits Basket fandom and fans of the series. 
The Fruits Basket manga began serialization in Hana to Yume magazine back in 1998 and ran until 2006. Tokyopop picked it up and began publishing the manga in the west from 2004 through 2009, and Yen Press re-released it in June 2016 as a 12-volume omnibus series. Its been quite a while since the first Fruits Basket anime, which came out back in 2001. 

Author Natsuki Takaya started the sequel manga in 2015 called "Fruits Basket Another", and plans to end it very soon with the third volume ending the story. Takaya has said that he plans to still make some Fruits Basket one-shots now and then. 


Fruits Basket follows the story of Tohru Honda who moves into a tent when bad things happen to her life. She ends up finding out her new home lies on the grounds of private property that belongs to a family called the Sohma clan, who takes her in. She discovers a mystery about the Sohma clan, that when touched by the opposite gender, members of the clan are transformed into animals of the Chinese Zodiac temporarily. 


Fruits Basket Another takes a break from Tohru and follows a girl named Sawa who's just entering high school after Tohru has graduated. 

Its unclear at this time what season or year we should expect to see the all-new Fruits Basket anime, but for now we can assume it'll be a fresh animation that should cover the whole story, going beyond the story of the original anime and including more details. 
I'd guess its going to be more than 12 episodes at the very least, and hopefully 26 or more since the word "Zenpen" is being used. 

What do you guys think about a new Fruits Basket anime? I still remember collecting the manga and proudly buying the complete anime at a Best Buy over a decade ago. 
I still liked the manga more than the anime, so I'm pretty interested in there being a new animation. 

Do you have any favorite Fruits Basket moments? 


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