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Zelda Netflix Series Seems In Progress via Castlevania Netflix Producer

Going back to 2015 we've seen talk of a Legend of Zelda Netflix series. 
Rumors have been floating around ever since, about what kind of adaptation will be created and by who and when. 

Adi Shankar who produced the generally well-liked Castlevania animated series on Netflix posted an Instagram message on Monday revealing that he was 'working with an iconic Japanese gaming company to adapt one of their iconic video game series into a series'. 
While mostly vague, many are speculating now that it must be The Legend of Zelda due to The Wrap claiming to have learned that the project Shankar is working on, is indeed The Legend of Zelda. 

Looks like Shankar may have found something to keep him occupied other than being a central figure involved in giving Apu from the Simpsons the axe. 
Zelda can work well either as a live-action or an animated series, but at this time there is no information yet as to which one. I am personally assuming it will be an animated series, given that Shankar recently did Castlevania. 
I just hope its not another "here's 4 episodes, now wait 2 years for the next 'season'" type of thing. 
Castlevania is a wonderful franchise, but I feel like the animation could have been better, and that Zelda definitely deserves something of high quality, or an anime. (There's a well established manga at least.)


Nintendo has a somewhat awkward history with animation and cartoons, heck- most of the game industry does when it comes to western cartoons, mostly developed in the 80's and 90's, and many haven't aged well or are extremely forgettable. 

Nintendo specifically to me feels like they have the most awkward past with animations, with abominations like the Phillips CD-I animations, and the infamous "Excuuuuse me princess!" Zelda cartoon from 1989. 

Many other animated Nintendo series fail to properly represent the actual characters, such as that notorious Captain N The Game Master show that features horrible renditons of Simon Belmont who looks like a rejected fake-tanned Jersey Shore actor who played a background Rebel from Hoth in Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back, or Mega Man who's a tiny GREEN dwarf with the voice of a guy who's been smoking for 60 years. 
Don't even get me started on CD-I animations. I know they aren't from an actual TV show, but they're still a huge stain on Nintendo's animated history. 
And if we talk Live-Action...well, all I need to say is Mario.


The last Zelda animated TV show from 1989 depicts its own load of healthy cringe festivals, and to anyone not deliberately seeking it, remains pretty forgotten by society today, with its tall, sark-haired, snarky Link, and cast of bland characters and late 80's animation. 
With the general quality control even things that are pretty 'meh' have today, I think anything will probably be better than what's been done in the past. Heck, it might even inspire Nintendo to think about future animations. 

Shankar promised not to let us speculate forever and actually reveal what he's working on by November 16th. 

What Legend of Zelda game would you most like to see turned into a Netflix animation or live action?? What if it is an original story? (Its highly do-able I'd say) Comment below! 


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