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Sword Art Online's Asuna Becomes Interactive Virtual Spokesperson

Asuna has become the virtual spokesperson for the Sword Art Online Anime Twitter, and is also on YouTube, possibly trying to become a 'Virtual YouTuber' of her own. 
Announced in the tweet below, Asuna will be the franchise's official spokesperson. 
The staff has used Motion Graphics from Live2D for her motion, and her seiyuu Haruka Tomatsu has provided voice clips. 
Asuna will be making official announcements about news pertaining to Sword Art Online, special events, and even responding to fans.

You can see a short video in the tweet above, and over on YouTube where she has her own video but it is unfortunately region locked. Fans are able to add the hashtag: '#宣伝隊長アスナへリクエスト' (literally: 'Request to Advertisement Captain Asuna') to tweet to Asuna, and responses may be given back by her in some form or during videos. 
Its said that Asuna can even respond to requests about what to do or say, or wear
There's a website here with more info on Asuna and the overall project, and another website here about the tech they are using. 

Virtual YouTubers/Spokespeople are getting pretty popular these days, I'd love to have RA:N Mascot Reika Fujishima do the same or something similar! 
The future is upon us my comrades! 


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