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PSN Name Changes


Dollfie Dream Sinon (seen above) wants you to know that PSN ID's are now available to change and its easy to do. Just go to your settings menu or profile page on your PS4, you can even display your old PSN ID next to your new one so people can see who you are. 

Here's what you need to know most: 

1. First change is free, beyond that will be $9.99 or $4.99 USD for pro members. (There's been a list of reasons why Sony hasn't wanted to do this since the start of PlayStation Network, some include server and infrastructure maintenance, to issues with games that retain information about individual PSN IDs and more.) 

2. Name changing is most compatible with games released after April 1st 2018, along with a list of most popular PS4 games released prior to that date. 

3. Older titles and not all PS3, PS4, or PS VITA titles will support the change. Errors may occur in older titles and are not guaranteed to support the change. 

4. If you encounter issues you are allowed to revert back to your original name at any time for free, but may only revert once during the Preview Program. 

5. Reverting back to your original PSN ID should fix most issues if you have any. When the program comes out of its Preview Phase, there will be a list of games that are known to fully support the program provided at

Sony has updated on the PlayStation Blog with the full details. 

The PSN ID change program comes after years of petitions and requests for Sony to make this possible, as there are multitudes of people who feel that they or others may have older, now-embarrassing names chosen at much younger ages when PSN officially launched in 2006. 

Growing up while internet handles, emails, or user names were becoming a prominent part of society in the late 90's and 2000's, I had already developed the name I use on everything, Hikaru Kazushime, which you can find out why and how I got the name on my About Page
That being said, I never chose a name like xXxSephirothStrife1990xXx or OoNinjaAssassinSasukeoO- you get the idea. 
Since my PSN account and overall web presence has been established under Hikaru Kazushime for over a decade, I wont be changing mine just so everyone knows. ^^ 

My PSN ID is: Hikaru_Kazushime. (Don't forget the underscore on PSN) Feel free to add me anytime!


You can also get one of these nifty banners like the one above at PSNProfiles which is a great community to check out. 


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