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3 Million Yen Amazing Otaku Rem Shrine


Shared recently on Twitter from @Onika_Rem0202 is an amazing collection of Rem merchandise built by the super-fan himself (at the Twitter handle just mentioned) who is known for his Rem fandom. Rem, a character from the popular Re:Zero anime, manga, and light novel series, is seen decorating every inch of his collection. The photos show his room and different parts of his collection.

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In the tweet seen above, he says he's spent 3 million yen to obtain everything in his collection. That's about $26,000 USD. That may not be astronomical to some collectors who've been collecting for years or possibly decades, but its something to consider since Re:Zero has only existed since the first web serialization appeared in 2012, the light novels first release in 2014, and the anime as recent as 2016.


Also shared was his Rem-themed Itasha car.


While it isn't abnormal for otaku to sport wonderful caves of wonder and merchandise splendor, it can be sometimes eye opening to see one solely dedicated to a single character. 
Itasha aren't horribly rare, but its another huge level of visible dedication to someone's passion. 
I like to celebrate and share these passions here on RA:N, whether my own, or of others. 
As long as it doesn't overtake one's well-being, I believe a passionate hobby life is a wonderful thing that makes life a lot more enjoyable for many, often improving it. Passionate fandoms also often open up fellowship with others of similar tastes, which can lead to good things. 
If you want to see even more photos of Onika_Rem0202's collection, just check out his Twitter feed. 

Sources: Onika_Rem0202's Twitter, Sankaku Complex

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