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I mentioned some time ago that I was looking into a new way to gather our community here besides just those of you who view and comment on the items posted here. That answer is Discord! 
This doesn't rule out the possibility of bringing back the Run Around:Forums one day, but Discord is a fast, free, and very accessible way to allow all of you to have an easy and fun place to talk about visual culture and share some of your own shenanigans as well. 

Its simple, just download discord on your computer or mobile device free of charge, and use this link ( to join the brand new RA:N Discord server that launched today. 

What is Discord?  
Discord is a communication app for desktops and mobile devices that allow communities from big websites to small gaming clans a place to communicate in chat rooms, send private messages, add each other as friends, share links and comment, and also speak in voice channels if they desire to. 
You don't have to be a gamer to enjoy discord either!

Our Discord server is set up with mostly text channels based on visual culture (anime, gaming, movies, music, fandom media etc) for you to share or contribute to, discuss, or gush about your favorite fandoms. 
Its also another easy way to connect with others in the community and get our news too in the RA:N News channel. Here's some early previews below of the channels we've got so far in the RA:N Discord. 
You can join as many Discord servers as you like too! ^^


Take a look at the left side, which shows a small number of topic channels I've already set up for you. 
Help us get these going! *bows* m(_ _)m


Above you can see the nice welcome message I wrote earlier, and highlighted are some more channels you didn't get to see in the last shot.


This screenshot shows the list of voice chat rooms available at the moment, which are found at the bottom. Use these only if you wish, to chat with others about games, anime, or whatever else floats your goat.


Discord looks great on mobile devices and is a super easy way to take your chats and discussions with you anywhere! 


Want to keep running around with us? Stay connected! 
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