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Real Life Log-In Bonuses Created By Depressed Japanese Gamer

Japanese Twitter user Kyo-kun @1122g_invented an incentive to keep moving on through the drudge of daily life by giving himself a real life log-in bonus for each day. 
Log-in bonuses for those that don't know, are rewards for checking in with a game that has them, where each time you log onto one you get rewarded usually with in-game currency or a special item for visiting the game frequently. 
They're also designed to be incentives to keep coming back. 

With the ebb and flow of daily life, some may realize that some days may roll on without any obvious reward, making them a bit depressing as folks rise early and crash late after a long day of work or school perhaps without any gain.

The real life log-in bonus created by Kyo-kun, rewards you for continuing on with life every day, by giving you money! 

Kyo-kun created what you see above after purchasing an organizer from a Daiso and sticking 500 yen coins in each pocket.There's extra 1,000 yen bills on each Monday, and another on the last day of the month. 
There's some funny combinations that are possible too for extra randomness, like if the last day of the month is a Monday for example, its a huge boost. 

What do you think? Crazy or genius? 


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