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Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition Announcement & Trailer

Finally getting the recognition that Tales of Vesperia deserves after its subpar worldwide XBOX 360 launch in the distant past and failure to appear in the west on PlayStation 3 despite being available in Japan, the game is getting a Definitive Edition that Bandai Namco is calling a remaster. 
This is great news because Vesperia in my opinion (and the opinion of many Tales fans) is a Tales game that stands out among many other recent entrees from the last generation to the present one. Vesperia also has a decent animated movie that was also localized in the west, so its just nice all the way around to see Vesperia get its dues with an official edition straight across the board for XB1, PS4, and PC, and my does it look nice! 

Check out the trailer for the definitive edition below: 


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