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K-ON! Continues With All-New Manga "K-ON! Shuffle"!

Hounbusha's Manga Time Kirara magazine has announced that a new K-ON! (けいおん! Keion!) manga by Kakifly called "K-ON! Shuffle" will launch in the August issue which releases on July 9th. 

A tagline shown in the preview says, "A new musical movement, the performance begins" and "The lead this time plays drums!?" 

Kakifly is the original author of the previous K-ON! manga which spand four volumes, as well as K-ON! College, and K-ON! Highschool which are both single volumes that expand the story of the original manga. K-ON! features the story of protagonist Yui Hirasawa, a high schooler who aspires to play guitar and start a light music club at an all-girl's highschool in Japan. K-ON! is told through its mostly comedic 4-panel comic series that comprises the manga, and a 2 season anime and film was released as well. K-ON! is one of Kyoto Animation's most popular anime series, and could be called largely responsible for popularizing and advancing the 'moe-blob' sub-genre of anime and otaku subculture. 
K-ON!'s story about a cute all-girl's band in a high school light music club inspired tons of merchandise and memorable music that was produced for the series. 

I'm extremely happy to hear about more K-ON! even if it stars a list of new characters, which is what I feel like that tagline mentioned above is telling us. Kakifly has proven to me to be a master at his craft when it comes to the quality of creating cute stories about music clubs and I'm also a big fan of how nice the manga volumes are, comment below your feelings or if you also feel the same.
If by chance the new manga has the chance to become a new anime, that means a lot more great music to come as well. 

sources: Houbunsha Manga Time, ANN


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