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Japanese Eco-Friendly Cardbord Vader


Spotted over at SoraNews24, Japanese company Showa Note is at it again with more cardbord costumes. 
Since the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, fans of the company have been requesting more costumes to be made, and with the coming June 29th release of Solo: A Star Wars Story in Japan, the company is releasing a Darth Vader cardboard armor costume. 
Showa Note's cardboard costumes are all kid-friendly, with kits that are easy to assemble. The armor is made from 90% recycled corrugated cardboard, and is very manageable and lightweight. Coming out this Fall, Showa Note's Darth Vader eco-friendly dark lord set will cost 3,980 yen which is US$36.12. 
There's a video too, complete with epic music (lol), check it out by clicking here

Sources: Showa Note Youtube, SoraNews24 

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