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Sac Anime Announces Guests from Overwatch, Dragonball Super, and More

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Sac Anime Summer 2018 is shaping up to be a great show set for this summer taking place at the Sacramento Convention Center between August 31st to September 2nd. 

The guest line-up keeps getting better since I last wrote about Jason Douglas when he was announced. 
Its no doubt even more Guests of Honor will be announced for the upcoming summer show, but as of now we have a plentiful list of Dragonball Super, Overwatch, RWBY, and many other renowned faces from great anime and shows. 
I recommend checking out the official Sac Anime Summer 2018 Guest of Honor list over at Sac Anime's website for the full lineup. 

The list also includes more information about each guest and what their most notable roles are! 

This has to be one of the biggest Sac Anime Summer shows I've seen in my time of volunteering and working with the event since its day of conception back in 2004. The event and guest lineup alone is enough to easily make this an upcoming convention I'm most excited for this year, and possibly one of the Sac Anime conventions I've ever been most excited for in the past 14 years!! 

I haven't met a list of these guests yet, so I'm really excited for this summer. Some of my favorites are up there like Christopher Sabat and Eric Vale who've been voices of my childhood as Vegeta, the prince of all Saiyans and his son Trunks!! 

Are you looking forward to attending this year's show? 


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