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New Record of Lodoss Game Celebrates 30th Anniversary


Kadokawa has plans to celebrate Record of Lodoss War's 30th anniversary with a new novel written by Ryo Mizuno and illustrated by Hidari, a special 30th anniversary re-release of the Record of Lodoss War tabletop role-playing game, and a special side-scrolling game developed by team ladybug. The illustration of the character Deedlit that you see above was posted here today with the announcement on Kadokawa Bunko's twitter feed which you can see below:

Record of Lodoss War is a fantasy franchise that was originally developed as a rules-free setting for RPGs in a world called Forcelia by Ryo Mizuno. 
Since the late 80's it has spawned multiple light novels, manga, video games, an anime series, and more, as well as having several spin-offs and sibling series that take place in the same world of Forcelia like Rune Soldier. Record of Grancrest War which is currently airing, is not directly connected to Record of Lodoss but takes place in another universe and has the same fantasy flair Ryo Mizuno is known for.


Team ladybug hasn't given any release dates or further information yet about their Lodoss game, but it looks to be an action side-scroller with a retro style. 
Personally I think this is really awesome, I love those old school sounding effects! 

It is also unclear for what platforms the game will be released for so far. In the video below you can see a look at the creative designs and styles currently in development which seem to be very 'Metroidvania' inspired. 

Sources: Otakomu, Official Kadokawa Bunko Twitter, Official Record of Lodoss War 30th Anniversary Page, Crunchyroll News 


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