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Cowboy Bebop Cafe Opens This May

Cowboy Bebop, the legendary late 90's anime about a rag-tag team of unlikely bounty hunting friends in space is getting not one, but two themed cafes of its own this May in two locations, Tokyo and Osaka. 

Anime Anime states that the Cowboy Bebop cafe will open on May 15th, and will be in service until June 10th at the Animate Cafes in Akihabara in Tokyo, and Nipponbashi in Osaka. 
Limited time themed cafes are a growing trend for promotions and sometimes randomly appear, separate from regular themed cafes based around anime and video games that stay in business much longer- like the Gundam Cafe, or Final Fantasy XIV's Eorzea Cafe. (See below)


In this case its anime retailer Animate who will have their cafes themed to create the Cowboy Bebop cafes, rather than a whole building dedicated to it like the shots above. 
Regardless whether one is a limited time cafe or not, special themed food is always served that oftentimes resembles characters or things from the series of what the theme is. In addition, there is usual some quality limited merch sold as well.
This special occasion looks to be partly sponsored by Good Smile Company, known for their infamous figurines and merchandise, which may or may not be a clue as to what we'll see there and of what quality.

No information has been given yet about what type of food will be served or how the food will be themed, nor what type of special merch will be available at the Cowboy Bebop themed cafes. 
But don't let that stop you from taking any guesses here for fun! :D 
Example: How about a Hot Dog called a Smart Dog? Then add the letters EIN in ketchup. I should really write them my ideas... 


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