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McDonalds x Granblue Fantasy

Granblue Fantasy and McDonalds are having a special collaboration campaign once again. The last time Cygames' mobile RPG game and the fast food chain joined forces was in October of 2017.

The announcement was made via the tweet above and so far no information has been released on what the collaboration will entail, other than that it will take place across McDonalds throughout Japan.
Here in the US, McDonalds has recently embraced series like Yokai Watch, also Poke'mon many times, but that is old news as its been done many times. 
I'm pretty sure we wont be seeing this awesome promotion overseas- but here's to hoping they'll consider immensely popular mobile games like Fate/Grand Order or whatever follows in its stead down the line. I've found myself saying "That'll be the day..." about other things in the past, and in the last few years I've been happily proven wrong.

But lets dream for a moment.
What would you do if McDonalds had epic promotions like this upcoming Granblue Fantasy one? And if you're in Japan or plan on visiting soon, would you consider checking this out?
More details will come soon, keep your eyes peeled! I'm excited to see what they're going to offer! 

Source: Otakomu


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