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Level-5: All Future Games Released For Switch

Level-5 president and CEO Akihiro Hino discussed company plans with Nikkei Trendy, outlying Level-5's plans and vision for the Nintendo Switch. 

Hino explained, 
"Basically, in the future our main titles will all be released on Nintendo Switch. The idea is that what we have created for 3DS will move over to Switch." 

Level-5 is most known for Ni no Kuni, the Professor Layton series, the Yokai Watch series, White Knight Chronicles I & II, and Dark Cloud. 
Level-5 is also known for their third-party work Dragonquest VIII and IX, and Rogue Galaxy. 

After Hino was asked how the company will support the Switch he took the time to give the statement above, and went on to talk about Level-5's 20th Anniversary plans, one plan being an MMORPG set in the modern day world. (Yokai Watch Online maybe?!) 

Hino continued to explain how Level-5's presence in the industry will continue to grow and there are many plans in the works for the company. 
The interview was pretty chunky, but these details were some of the strong points of the post. Gematsu has a little more info, and you can find the original here. 

Switch's lineup is growing more impressive by the month and Level-5's deep interest in fully supporting it is another great sight to see among the many studios and companies jumping in to the fray. But all future Level-5 games getting Switch releases? Wow! Thats some nice ambition to see. 
Personally I'm a bit more Sony faithful, taking a long break from the Nintendo brand since the middle days of the GameCube, so I've been hoping to see a Nintendo console for some time that could make me feel more serious about the brand again, besides owning a 3DS. 

News like this and how strong Switch is coming off to me makes me excited to return to Nintendo console gaming again. 

 Source: Gematsu, Nikkei Trendy

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