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If you haven't heard of them yet, Band-Maid is an all-girl rock band of 5 who usually dress as maids while performing. 
They've been active since 2013 and have been gaining quite a bit of popularity lately. Band-Maid performed at J-POP Summit 2017 just a few months back in San Francisco. 

Singer/guitarist Miku Kobato was a former employee of maid cafe, Noodol Cafe in Akihabara. 
She envisioned a band in the image of maid cafe maids playing rock music, and Band-Maid was born. 
Since then they've released 5 studio albums, the latest just released in Japan on February 14th and is due for a US and EU release as well! 
During some interviews the band has explained that they like to keep the feel of the maids of the maid cafes, referring to their concerts as "servings", their male fans as "masters", and female fans as "princesses"- the standard references during customer and maid interactions at maid cafes. 

Learn a little more over on their wikipedia

The new album is out now and you can find most if not all of their music on Spotify, which is really awesome. 

 Here's one of their latest songs from the new album on youtube.


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