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Tokyo Butt-Tattoo Crime

(Disclaimer: The photo above is from the @home cafe and is unrelated to the story in this article.)

Maid Cafe's are famous for having cute maids and usually dancing, fun food, and an experience of moe that warms the heart of patrons with the smiles and frills of the maids, atmosphere, and sometimes more. Its also not uncommon for many patrons of maid cafe's to become regulars who obsess over certain maids as they would a pop idol. 
From time to time a creepy incident might occur, but this particular story has made headlines this week. 

43-year-old Naohiro Kobayashi of Taito Ward in Tokyo is under investigation and currently in police custody for tattooing the butt of a 19-year-old maid that works in the cafe he is an investor of. 
Kobayashi also works on the management team and is technically her boss. 

The crime is coming to light now but took place in November, 2 months ago when he brought her to his apartment and gave her a laced drink of 90% alcohol. After she lost consciousness he used a safety pin and black magic-ink to tattoo an "N" onto her rear 5 times. 

Okay so...this guy is screwed up! What the heck, poor maid now having to fear her butt being branded by a cafe boss, so horrible. Its not clear at this time what she's going to do about all the "N's" back there. 

I do think she is lucky to be alive and that nothing else occurred as far as we know. But that doesn't take away the fact that this is creepy as heck. 

Kobayashi had this to say: "I wanted to show that she was my woman. To confirm our love." 


Police are continuing their investigation on the matter and to see if any other similar events have taken place. Police have also found neighbors who've made statements about Kobayashi bringing home young women usually in their early 20's. 

Japanese netizens have commented on the matter, here's a few: 

“What an awful, terrible person.” 
“Disgusting. That girl was young enough to be his daughter.” 
“Wow. To knock her unconscious with just alcohol, he could’ve killed her with alcohol poisoning.” 
“Yeah, that’s not ‘tattooing,’ that’s just assault.” 

Hopefully no other maids or anyone has been or will be affected by Kobayashi and that justice is served. Also hoping the maid will be able to move on as well, continuing to spread fun, cuteness and moe, and find some peace with whatever happens for her after this...and man it must suck to have a bunch of the same letter on your behind. XD 

Credit to SoraNews24 


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