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Seeking RA:N Editors!


For years Run Around:Network has been a voice in California's pop culture scene: an epicenter of some largest events and displays of Visual Culture outside of Japan and among the world. 
In the beginning RA:N was a blog that was just for me to write about my adventures in the convention industry and as a fan of anime, video games, and collectible merchandise from 2007 onward, and in a way still very much is and more.
I've told how discovering the internet improved my life and the journeys that I have taken while just beginning this site and my career in journalism.

I'm now looking to expand our range and quantity of content here, so that means I'm seeking individuals who would like to write posts here and become official Editors- more about that in a sec, read on.

TheRunAround - CGM Focus

Part of my work is to motivate and inspire others to find their passions and manifest their dreams. My first panel took place in 2010 where I put together the first public event featured by RA:N in partnership with Sac Anime where I personally brought 4 industry guests of my own contacts to share their work and overall talk about CGM (Consumer Generated Media), and how one can use their fandoms to ignite passion and potentially careers. CGM can be any brand or content that you produce and we now live in a time more than ever before where anyone can become public figures, content creators, self-made photographers, video masterminds, comedians- with the help of the internet, learning, and perseverance you can rise high and build a successful personal brand or content that suits you that can take you places. 
CGM is something that we see everyday but never think to fully classify and understand as a power or as a door to possibility and success. Since I began teaching this, myself, under RA:N, has continued to speak at conventions, through social media, and public gatherings and share my motivation and news about what I call Visual Culture, which brings us to the next topic.

What is Visual Culture? 

I identify Visual Culture as a blanket classification that is larger than using the word 'fandom or fandoms'. Visual Culture is anything deliberately created in a visual style or is associated with a visual style that has viewers, readers, listeners, hobbyists- fans. This covers the Japanese Pop Culture & Otaku Subculture while allowing Movies, Video Games, Music, Comics, Books, and more to be further welcomed as one big batch of media-driven fandom that improves people's lives and spreads happiness to all who, whether they identify or not with Geek/Otaku/Nerd/Fandom culture. 
I believe that there are many outlets for news and coverage of Visual Culture out there, but I find that many are too centered on one thing or another. RA:N's foundation is Japanese Pop Culture and Otaku Subculture but allows for video games from the east and west, movies, tv, comics, and further topics to be included as well. 

I feel we are at a time when some personal internet favorites for niche geek and otaku related news have either changed or died out. But I'm not saying they aren't around at all.
The last few years have seen the likes of many who I viewed as leaders in Otaku and Gamer journalism change drastically or have become less active. Other sites focus only on headlines or have constant to nothing but product announcements- rather than develop a personal relationship with readers based on the creation of original content and posts that make those writing articles feel less like a cold news anchor and more like a warm friend and a leading voice in Visual Culture. Some have taken the lazy approach to micro-blogging using only Instagram feeds in place of real post content, and some major talent has been cast out of their natural environments and try to make it on their own. And there's more who's either changed direction completely, or separated their communities from their own content, some that were a once special and thriving mix of fellow fans worldwide unlike anything that had come before, sometimes following just one person or mega-blogger they believed in.
Sure, affiliate marketing is important for site health, partnerships, and often (should) provide a list of appropriate places to connect readers to products they might actually like- but going all out commercial just makes it obvious what some companies or people want.
I don't plan on naming names, but if you've been following big time bloggers or games journalism for the last 5-10 years you might know exactly what I'm talking about. 


What's happening here presently? 

Originally I developed Run Around:Kazu, a site focused only on my interests where I shared just things I love. Run Around:Network was devised in 2011 and the site was always under construction or generally incomplete even though I was touring conventions and building my network of contacts. One of my grand ideas was to create a place where readers could join and share news and their own hobbies and content. I am still developing a community aspect like this, but my main focus right now is making this website a lot more active and with more frequent posts. 
I don't always have the time I'd like to make as many posts per week that I have in mind, or that this site deserves- at least not by myself- and what's been posted so far has partly been a test to make sure this site is actually functioning properly for heavy use. 

There's still a few kinks to work out, but it is presently ready and operational to pump out content and posts about the things we love here that you can see on the large list of topics on the navigation bar. 
I plan to lead and direct this project and make this site really take off, the years that it has been online and the time I've taken away from it has proved to be great experience for me to really get the ball rolling. 

How will the content team be organized? 

I will be continuing to write more frequently and cover a range of topics as Lead Editor and Founder, and I am now seeking RA:N Editors who would like to post here and take on some responsibility for posting about topics they specialize in so we can have a greater variety of posts here. 
This means if you're reading this and you're interested, you're more than welcome to sign up for an Editor role here. (info below)
Any of the topics found on the navigation bar need posts and love to fill them out and add more content to our site. 

RA:N Editor is a role that is fully volunteer at this time, and is not a paid position. However, when our website and project here takes off further and continues to gain popularity in the future, there's no telling what's possible, and I believe we can do take our content and RA:N to new heights. 
I am confident, determined, and full of passion to grow our network and become a louder and great voice in the world of Visual Culture, for the spreading of happiness and entertainment of what we love here. 
So that means that we need those who can write posts, enjoy it, and can produce content on a semi-regular basis. At this time even writing short breaking news articles, game announcements, manga & anime rankings, figurine photo shoots, cosplay galleries, top 10's- would be very much worth it to get to the point where everything you see on the home page is current. 

RA:N Editors can also easily use the experience gained here as future references and portfolio experience, so its something to think about and get in on now. 
It might be easier than you think, and there's no loss in trying and failing if it happens. 
Another benefit of becoming an RA:N Editor is Press entry to events that I collaborate with or ones RA:N can connect you with- and those can be almost anywhere geographically. 

Editors who do well and get passes for conventions will be expected to gather photos and may be granted access to interview/meet guests of honor like manga-ka, voice actors and actresses, seiyuu, game developers, and animators- but that's optional!. If you're trying to build your own career in journalism, this may be a golden opportunity for more experience and getting new connections. 

Taking a good look around the blogosphere and geek/gamer/otaku based journalism right now, I see a lack of personality and honest connection with readers. I want to change that. We all stand on the same ground together as fans, and there's a mantle I feel that is just waiting to be picked up

If you're reading this and you're interested in becoming an RA:N Editor feel free to email me with your inquiry at 

Please introduce yourself appropriately and include your fandoms/hobbies and what you think you'd be good at posting here and I'll get back to you. 
Also not mandatory, but what would be fantastic, is if you could include any experience you might have in writing content, admin work (like forums, facebook pages, fansites), or any other content you might produce even if its a simple blog or youtube videos. Experience in these things aren't required, passion is most important.

Only some slight short tutorial will be required at the very start, meaning that I'll need to speak with you via phone/skype/facebook/discord and explain the basics of our text format and posting ethic here. We'll need to stay in mild contact afterwards for the health and management of the site, but it shouldn't be too often once you get rolling. I'm also available each day so communication should be smooth.

If you're reading this and have any interest I implore you to summon the courage and open the door to the unknown, take the step and send me an email. I don't care if you think you're under-experienced or not good enough, because everyone starts somewhere. All you need is a passion for the content described here and found on our navbar, Visual Culture. Also I'm quite friendly and down to earth. ^^

My Vision 

I see an active RA:N complete with a team of Editors and daily content one day, event coverage from loads of conventions, user-generated-content or UGC/CGM, as we become more of a presence that guides and connects the world to Visual Culture with a personal touch that is lead by a team of honest fans who aren't paid off to give high review scores or create constant clickbait- yuck.
I see a family of anime fans, & otaku, gamers, comic fans, moviebuffs, together commenting, sharing, connecting, posting, and spreading a light that informs and entertains, creating a unique 'geek-journalism legacy' like no other. The sky's the limit. I see RA:N impacting public events, covering amazing guests, cosplay, and memorable moments, and together with Editors and readers alike, having one good ass time!

Let's run around together, and become the place 'Where Visual Culture Comes To Life'. 


Want to keep running around with us? Stay connected! 
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