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Square Enix Is Hiring Someone To Use Unreal Engine 4 For Dragon Quest

Square Enix is looking to hire a technical artist to use Unreal Engine 4 to make something Dragon Quest related. 
Back in July Square Enix announced they had used Unreal Engine 4 to make a part of Dragon Quest III on PS4. 
Square Enix is hunting for a technical artist that can use UE4's shaders and overall create quality expression to create something for Dragon Quest, most likely an unannounced title. The page the information is on goes on to mention that whoever's accepted will be able to work on a special DQ project and states that the position is a 'crucial and indispensable role' for the project. 

Requirements aren't high either, one just needs to have an interest in current-gen gaming while also having skills in development tools and shaders. That's all. XD 

They don't seem to mind if someone isn't super knowledgeable about the front and back ends of UE4 its just a preference. Seems like there's major points for being savvy on shaders, experience in supporting artistic workflow, lighting and such. 

How cool would it be to work for Square Enix and have a hand in the next Dragon Quest game eh? 

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