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[Flashback Friday] Sac Anime Winter 2009 Part Two


Welcome back for part two of today's Flashback Friday fun as we take the time machine back to Sac Anime Winter 2009 that took place January 9th to the 11th in 2009 in Sacramento, California! 
This event was my first to bring a camera to and I not only introduced some of my friends to conventions at this one, but also made new friends as well! 

Check out Part One if you missed it! 

Photos in these posts are some of my own and from flickr. 
Sac Anime Winter 2009 was the final Sac Anime to take place at the Scottish Rite Center, a place that some consider one of the event's birth-places or cradles at least. Later on Sac Anime would grow into a larger venue at the ex-Raddison now Woodlake Hotel, and eventually the Sacramento Convention Center in present time. Enjoy the gallery! 
 Psst- you'll also see some photos of Vic Mignogna and Travis Willingham playing football. (Ed and Roy from FMA)

RebelXSi-3260RebelXSi-3265 RebelXSi-3264 RebelXSi-3267 RebelXSi-3268 RebelXSi-3270 RebelXSi-3272 RebelXSi-3339 RebelXSi-3379 RebelXSi-3396 RebelXSi-3426 RebelXSi-3459 RebelXSi-3499 RebelXSi-3743 RebelXSi-3806 RebelXSi-3817 RebelXSi-3838 RebelXSi-3880 RebelXSi-3879 RebelXSi-3922 RebelXSi-3928 RebelXSi-3947 RebelXSi-3958 RebelXSi-3991 RebelXSi-3995 RebelXSi-4006 RebelXSi-4009 RebelXSi-4014 RebelXSi-4018 RebelXSi-4023 RebelXSi-4026 RebelXSi-4029 RebelXSi-4030 RebelXSi-4049

Vic Mignogna, Travis Willingham, and Laura Bailey.

RebelXSi-2953 RebelXSi-2950 RebelXSi-2968 RebelXSi-2962 RebelXSi-4063
RebelXSi-4072Sabre RebelXSi-4076 RebelXSi-4080 RebelXSi-4082 RebelXSi-4084 RebelXSi-4087 RebelXSi-4089 Sailor Scouts RebelXSi-4093 RebelXSi-4096 RebelXSi-4099 RebelXSi-4102 RebelXSi-4103 RebelXSi-4105 RebelXSi-4107 RebelXSi-4109 RebelXSi-4110 RebelXSi-4129 RebelXSi-4131 RebelXSi-4142 RebelXSi-4145 RebelXSi-4150 RebelXSi-4151 Yuna RebelXSi-4215 RebelXSi-4222 RebelXSi-4230 Saber RebelXSi-4252 RebelXSi-4265 RebelXSi-4275 RebelXSi-4288 RebelXSi-4307 RebelXSi-4310 RebelXSi-4312 RebelXSi-4315 RebelXSi-4316 RebelXSi-4318 RebelXSi-4319 RebelXSi-4321 RebelXSi-4323 RebelXSi-4327 Yuna RebelXSi-4335 RebelXSi-4348 RebelXSi-4350 Naruto RebelXSi-4358 RebelXSi-4374 RebelXSi-4377 RebelXSi-4378 Baronness RebelXSi-4361 RebelXSi-4364 RebelXSi-2927 RebelXSi-3029  
To pass the state alchemist exam you must win in a game of football! j/k

I guess he passed! lol! Such a nice guy playing with fans.


Well that's all folks! That was our look back at Sac Anime Winter 2009! 
Don't forget to check out part one if you haven't yet!

Kazu V! 

 I had tons of fun and came back with some loot too! 


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