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Anime Expo Details New Badge Mailing Service

Badge Mailing details for Anime Expo 2018 was released including a handy FAQs. 

The new service looks like part of move by Anime Expo to increase registration opportunities, and with it comes new information as well which is listed here

Some of the details mentioned above include their all-new Badge Mailing Policy which includes 4-day, 1-day, Pre-Show, Premier Fan, and Artist Alley badges. Further details list information on Badge Mailing for international attendees, badge transfers, press, exhibitors, industry and more. Badge Mailing can be an incredibly useful tool to make registration for conventions flow faster and move crowds along. Imagine if everyone had their badges upon the start? 

While AX isn't associated with the infamous term "Line Con", there's nothing wrong with the process becoming even smoother. Provided the service goes well. 

 For attendees Badge Mailing can be pretty nice, saving time in registration lines allowing the attendee to enter and traverse the convention even with a head start. And who doesn't love the convenience of getting something straight to your front door? 


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