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Keijo Now A Sport In Portugal

A group of Keijo!!!!!!!! fans from Portugal came together to bring the sport that the anime and manga of the series is centered around, into real life. 
In the series, girls battle it out atop small floating platforms on water, using their breasts and buns to knock each other off. The anime goes pretty over-the-top with having super special attacks and more, but that doesn't mean it can't be done in the real world.


Portugal's version has a few slight differences from the original, as players wear pads on their rears and chests that are used to push others out of the arena in battle.

In order to make sure that things stay relatively safe there's also been a few modified rules. 
Japanator's Salvador G Rodiles mentions: "In reality, we don't want anyone to go through what Nozomi experienced when she was mastering the Vacuum Butt Cannon."

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Even with modifications it has the potential to become an clever sport. I certainly wouldn't mind watching!


The group says they're recruiting a bit more before the first official Keijo event is held, hoping it'll catch on and become an international sport! 
These passionate Keijo pioneers may be on to something!


Imagine manga creator Daichi Sorayomi as a guest of honor, looking over the first real Keijo international tournament! :O


Keijo!!!!!!!! here's a trailer if you'd like to check out the anime. 

 Source: Japanator

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