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Dragon Quest Builders 2 Announced!


Announced today in Tokyo at the Dragon Quest Summer Festival 2017 was the reveal for Dragon Quest Builders 2, coming to PlayStation 4 and Switch!
The first game featured a pleasant minecraft-like take on a Dragon Quest game, this one will do similarly but will have slopes, underwater diving and bigger item limits to block amounts and more, said to increase three-fold. High places can now be filled with water, with the potential to create waterfalls, and gliding from high up places and 4-player multiplayer support is being added. 

Square Enix commented on the game's setting as "fellow travelers" and "young Malroth" who is also known as Sidoh in the series, the final enemy players face in Dragon Quest II. Keep running around with us for more Japanese anime, gaming, pop culture news, and so much more! 

First footage here:

 Source: Gematsu 


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