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Bioware's New IP Announced: Anthem


For several years in a row now, Bioware has announced and hinted at a new IP they've been internally calling 'Project Dylan', something they're hoping will make a big impact and stick around for a while, joining their other two flagship franchises, Mass Effect and Dragon Age forming a 'Big 3'. 

 Anthem was announced and shown today at EA Play, the first press conference on this big E3 weekend, and we were able to get a look at a short trailer which shows some armored humans and dangerous wildlife. 

Something about humans behind a wall with dangerous things outside. Sounds familiar. Kind of.


Some of the tech we're seeing so far is a little Mass Effect-y, which is good. 
The environment looks like some kind of tropical dystopia, and Anthem looks to turn out as a Sci-Fi/Fantasy story. 
The voice in the trailer was already pulling me in, but its very early at this point and there's a lot we still don't know.


It was announced at the end of the trailer that actual gameplay will be shown during Microsoft's press conference tomorrow.


Keep running around with us here at RA:N for more E3 news and info over the weekend and through next week. 

Trailer below:


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