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Aniplex USA Announces Gurren Lagann 10th Anniversary Box Set


 Aniplex USA announced at a panel at A-Kon on Saturday that a Blu Ray 10th Anniversary Box Set of the anime and the two recap movies is on the way. 

Whoa, has it seriously been 10 years?! 

 Up for preorder on June 12th and the sweet box set seen above will ship out on August 8th to celebrate the show's 10 year anniversary. 
Complete with English and original Japanese audio and subtitles, the set will also include a bonus broadcast version of episode 6, textless openings and endings, and the box has a nice special illustration by mechanical designer Yoh Yoshinari. 

You can nab the Gurren Lagann 10th Anniversary Blu Ray box set for US $189.99, retail $149.99. 

Gurren Lagann is (in my opinion) an amazing anime surrounding a boy named Simon and his bro Kamina who set out to adventure above ground and reclaim the surface of the planet for humanity. Their journey leads them to discover the truth of what happened to the world, and how to use really cool mecha that can fuse and shift into various forms. Of course that's the super short version and there's a whole lot of philosophy, tons of comedy, and more packed into the studio that later brought us Kill la Kill, but that's the basis of the beginning. 

Gurren Lagann began airing in April 2007, since then it has spawned several manga, DVDs and a previous Blu Ray set, three stage plays, and two Original Video Animations. 


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