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Years to Go for Final Fantasy VII Remake and Kingdom Hearts 3

Square Enix recently released financial reports that listed the Final Fantasy VII Remake as well as Kingdom Hearts 3 as 2018 Fiscal and beyond.
This goes hand in hand with what director Tetsuya Nomura had to say earlier this year about both of the long-awaited games having "a way to go." 

 "...we plan to launch each of these upcoming titles in the next three years or so." said Square Enix President Yosuke Matsuda It was nice to see new screenshots of both games and the key art (picture at the top) for Final Fantasy VII Remake earlier this year, but there's worlds of information still missing about the rpg's that has yet to be released. 

To go with Matsuda and Nomura's comments, Nomura revealed this week that Square Enix is 'urgently' hiring people to work on the Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Its not truly a surprise that these giant Triple-A RPG titans need longer than just a couple years for a full release, but with big exciting E3 announcements that are already a couple years old, you kind of expect to see what they have shown to come out soon. Its nice to know that big favorites like Kingdom Hearts 3 and the Final Fantasy VII Remake are in fact happening at all, but with history like Final Fantasy XV's long development, it is moderately jarring to me that once again we'll be witnessing E3 footage years from now for games that will have already been shown at E3 a good 5-6 years beforehand previously, by the time they're 'almost' ready. 
Think about it.
I love Square Enix and both the Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy franchises are two of my favorites, but the growing trend of not only releasing unfinished games, but showing them years ahead of time with no release in possible sight still feels jarring to me.
I'd rather the old days, seeing FFXII in a magazine as it was in production,  and proceeding to wait a good 4-5 years to actually see it announced with trailers.
Sometimes when people are teased too long, they lose a little bit of interest.
Let us know how you feel below!


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